Oct 302015
We all have our favorite superhero that we worship and want to follow, but none comes even close to a single mom that raised six kids while working full-time. Every mom is a superhero in the eyes of her kids, for only a mom can juggle between a job and running a household with 6 kids and still manage to smile. In this post I share a beautiful story of Jodin and her sisters who work in Dubai while their mother lives in LA, USA due to health issues. I am sure you saw this video of marhaba surprises that I shared earlier. One of the stories in the video was of Mrs. Jocelyn from LA and her daughters working in Dubai.
“I further watched the emotional bond that the Cruz sisters share for their mother and wanted to do something memorable for their mom as she arrives in Dubai.  
One can never say enough thanks to a mom but one can always make her feel special by showering her with special attention.
This is exactly what the Cruz sisters did for their mom when she arrived at Dubai airport. Jodin and her sisters gave a marhaba surprise to their mother. They wanted the mom to feel special and create memories of a lifetime. This was a result of a competition held by marhaba and the Cruz family was one of the lucky winners. 

The marhaba team talked with the Cruz sisters and worked on a way to surprise their mom as she landed at the airport. She was personally escorted out of the airport where a choir awaited her and sang a beautiful song in her honor. Mrs. Jocelyn also worked as a music teacher when she was raising her kids, so to honor her, her daughters decided to get a special choir for her at the airport. As I watched the video, I could feel the joy and happiness of Jocelyn as she listens to the choir and hugs her daughter. The hugs, the tears in eyes, the choking of her voice, all true human emotions that we all share irrespective of our nationality, language or faith. What an emotional moment, that I am sure the Cruz family will cherish forever.  


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  1. Well, nice of the daughters to do something special for their Super Mom (: … the bond they have is something when in todays world e speak of disconnect between parents and kids… nice and sweet read.

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