Oct 302015
Superhero Mom gets marhaba surprise at Dubai Airport #marhabasurprises

We all have our favorite superhero that we worship and want to follow, but none comes even close to a single mom that raised six kids while working full-time. Every mom is a superhero in the eyes of her kids, for only a mom can juggle between a job and running a household with 6 kids and still manage to smile. In this post I share a beautiful story of Jodin and her sisters who work in Dubai while their mother lives in LA, USA due to health issues. I am sure you saw this video of marhaba surprises that I shared earlier. One [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 112015

    marhaba has truly been able to turn their service into an art form for their competition winners. Recently marhaba services held a contest and 3 winning families received a surprise welcome at the airport. Check out  this video that was made as the families put on a marhaba  surprise welcome as their loved ones reached the airport. Each heartwarming story shows the love and a glimpse of life of the people in it. One of which is an Indian gentlemen, looking to make create a special moment for someone in his life. Another surprise features a Filipino family wanting to express their love to a member of their family and a [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 022015
YES ! I Visited Jordan and Love To Tell The Tale !!!

  Safety,  Food & other Travel Experiences  about Visiting Jordan The moment I said “I am going to Jordan” Almost everyone who heard it crooned collectively “Why are you going to Jordan? Is it safe to go there?” “Well I will never know till I go and visit Jordan”, was my stoic reply in every single case. “But it is so close to Syria, where all those things are happening” While I am no Livingstone, I do love visiting new places and I have never been to Jordan except with Peter O’Toole, and later with Harrison Ford in their [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Aug 312013
A Vision of Angels- A Book Review

  A Book Review of A Vision Of Angels- Timothy Jay Smith Lets go to Jerusalem, one of the few cities that is as old as history itself.  Considered holy to the three Abrahamic religions, where angels, messengers and emperors have walked. Where faithful come from all parts of the world, where once Jesus and Prophet Mohammad have walked. Where emperors from both East and West have laid siege and destroyed the city so many times that every corner has a story to tell, each more painful than the last. We will visit Jerusalem with Timothy Jay Smith, the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]