Jun 222017

Mere Paas Maa Hai – Instagram Photo Series on Mothers Day

A Naga Mother with her baby in sling

Like many other things on desi Traveler, this series on Mothers Day is also now too late to see the light of the day. There are many reasons for the delay but the most obvious one is my laziness. Somehow once my momentum goes away for a project I just don’t get the motivation again to make it live.  But in spite of the delay, I am happy to share this small mothers day project that I did on my Instagram with the idea of Celebrating Mothers Day for about 2 weeks so that I can share images of mothers that I have clicked during my travels and otherwise.


So without much ado, I will share the images that I have clicked or shared as part of the Mothers Day Stories. I am dividing the images into 5 sections. The basic idea was very simple.  I decided to celebrate Mother’s day on my Instagram till 14th may and shared a picture and mini story of a mom and child each day. Some of the images were clicked during my travels and some were clicked here in Delhi NCR under more controlled conditions. I hope these stories will resonate with you and make you smile or think & thank the mothers around you. ⠀

  1. Images of the mother and children whom I met on my travels or have known in my day to day life. These images are from all walks of life and we have images from Indonesia, Nagaland, Gurgaon etc.
  2. Wildlife Images where I clicked some of the mothers from animal kingdom with their young ones.
  3. Images especially clicked for this project, what also makes these images special for me is that these images feature other bloggers who are also moms and they were kind enough to take out time for this photo project of mine.
  4. A picture of a child without a caring mother that I clicked on the Ghats of Varanasi
  5. As part of my Mothers day series, I have also requested other bloggers and photographers also to share their images. Many of the bloggers, photographers, and mom were kind enough to share their images. Some of them have already been shared in an earlier post as part of the new desi Travel Digest  Crowd Sourced from Instagram.

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  1. Mom Bloggers zindabad.

  2. Loved the series on Instagram!

  3. wonderful collection 🙂

  4. You have captured the unique bond between a mother and daughter beautifully.

  5. This picture is worth a zillion words 🙂 Simply WOW!

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