Apr 152014

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Travel Tuesday: Bloggers Dance in Munnar

Today’s travel picture is from Tea Gardens of Munnar, a very important Nilgiri Tea growing hill station in Kerala.

I clicked this picture when we stopped our bus in the middle of  Munnar Tea Gardens on both side of road and everybody rushed to take pictures, or in this case, pose for pictures.

Munnar tea gardens regularly appear in Mollywood or the Malayalam movies. No points for guessing that Mollywood is the Kerala equivalent of Bollywood. So in the true tradition of dancing in tea gardens, our three blogger friends decided to shake a leg or two in the tea gardens. After all, you can not visit Munnar and not dance around in Tea Gardens, spread across miles around you. So forget lungi dance we have Blogger dance here fresh from the Tea Gardens of Munnar.

Kerala Blog Express Munnar Tea Gardens

Who can resist dancing in Munnar Tea Gardens?

The three bloggers you see here are

Delia Harrington from Boston, USA is an activist blogger, and there is a lot more to her than shaking a leg in Munnar Tea Gardens. Delia is constantly working in fields of human rights, gender-based violence, and economic inequality.  Follow her around the world from Cuba to Africa and many other places where she is shaking deep-rooted gender-based prejudices  @DeliaMary

In the center is Roxanne Bamboat from Bombay, whose talent as a food blogger and sense of humor is inversely proportionate to her ability to sit quietly. Check her popular blog focused on culinary delights- The Tiny Taster. I immediately adopted her as my Social Media guru for teaching me about Instagram and Twitter

The third one in the picture is Meruschka Govender a 4th generation desi settled in Pretoria, South Africa.  She is a Travel activist and works towards sustainable travel that helps local communities. Known as @Mzansigirl  on twitter and her blog, she has a formidable fan base spread across the world.

Visit Kerala Tourism to know more about >>  Munnar.

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  8 Responses to “Travel Tuesday Picture: Bloggers dance in Tea Gardens of Munnar”

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  1. Munnar Tea Gardens looks great. Nice to meet other bloggers too. Great photo, how did you manage to get them to pose like that?

  2. Wasn’t all that greenery so refreshing? I’m sure it was a great trip.

  3. Wonderful post… I have been to Munnar… But never tried dancing there though 🙂 will do next time 😉

  4. Wow Prassad, the descriptions of the three of us are quite lovely. Thanks for the kind words and the fun picture!

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