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desi Traveler goes to the preview of Playboy Cafe Gurgaon

Playboy Cafe Golf Course Road Gurgaon

Playboy Cafe Gurgaon

I am not much of a foodie and even less of a launch guy, but  I am open to change. So when I was invited to a preview of Playboy Café Gurgaon, I decided to give it a try.  I mean who can say no to an invitation to one of the most iconic brands in the world – Playboy. Not only the Playboy brand iconic in every sense it has been able to successfully branch out from its core themE without diluting the original brand appeal.


The lounge area on middle floor of Playboy Cafe Gurgaon

Here I must mention that the Playboy Café interior décor is a  bit of retro and takes you back to the golden era of Playboy with pictures from the parties of those days adorning the walls and the lift area.

Did I say lift ? Well, the Playboy Café on Golf Course Road Gurgaon is spread over 3 floors and each one of them has enough space for you to move around freely with your drink in hand. The ground floor and top floor both have a well-stocked bar, with the top floor being terrace and suitable for a late evening get together. On the top floor, you also have the wood fired pizza oven that dishes out signature  Playboy pizzas from Chef Tomar.


Chef  Tomar with the wood fired Pizza oven on terrace

Location of Playboy Cafe Gurgaon : The good thing about Playboy Café is that it is far from the now overcrowded Cyber Hub and in the relatively upcoming neighborhood of the intersection of Golf Club Road and Golf Course Extension road. Indeed for the affluent population of these areas an upscale restaurant in the neighborhood was long needed and Playboy Café is sure to find a native patronage from housing societies and office complex nearby.

We were in a large bloggers group and soon spread around clicking pictures and checking the place. For those of you not willing to climb the Playboy Café has a lift to take you to different floors. The middle floor is designed more like a lounge and you can hold your small parties etc. with friends in cozy corners here.


Yogurt Kebabs Playboy Style 🙂

We ordered various dishes from the menu and shared them with us. Some of the starters that came on our table were

  • Blue Cheese Yogurt Kebab
  • Southern Style Mushroom
  • Playboy Fries
  • Green Eggs Benedict
  • Dimsums filled with Spinach and Golden corn

Being a vegetarian I tried only veg dishes and liked Blue Cheese Yogurt Kebab, that was delicately done and the flavors of yogurt stood out even when marinated with mild spices and herbs. The mushrooms were a hit but it was the Dimsums that stole the show. One of the challenges of US chains coming to India is they are unable to decide to go the authentic US with tasteless  spiceless food or go all the way to Chicken Tikka Masala way in spices to suit the local palate. Fortunately, the Playboy Café has been able to maintain the fine line and while I enjoyed the spices they never burnt my taste buds while maintaining their Cajun roots  for most of the dishes.


The Dim sums were a hit with slightly spicy spinach and golden corn fillings

In the mains I was biased towards  Pasta Risotto, that was made to the specs and the plate was polished within seconds.  For vegetarians, the other popular item was Pizza made to order that came fresh out of wood fired oven.  In the mains, other people ordered Grilled Fish, Signature Playboy Stacked burger, and wraps.


Green Eggs Benedict at Playboy Cafe


Playboy Cafe has its own signature burgers 


The Wood Fired Signature Pizza is an instant hit

Playboy Cafe Gurgaon

Pasta Risotto

But I always judge a restaurant with the desserts it serves and the Tiramisu was an instant favorite with the Chocolate decadence running for a close second spot.

Gurgaon playboy-cafe- dessert

Chocolate Decadence at Playboy Cafe Gurgaon

Tiramisu Playboy Cafe Gurgaon

The Tiramisu – Classic Italian Dessert

Before I wrap this post, I must appreciate the Bar and the Bartenders at Playboy Café who dished out many cocktails and mocktails for the thirsty bloggers present. They even did a show of a spirit fountain that was set to fire and created an impression on those present, and this is coming from a guy who came home after having a drink that was based on Guava Juice and mint.


The bar and the bartender at Playboy Cafe sure know how to impress a thirsty patron


My Guava juice based mocktail -You need to visit Playboy Cafe to find out more 🙂

playboy-cafe Gurgaon

No prize for guessing the name of this one 🙂

Overall I think Playboy Café  Gurgaon will be able to make a niche for itself by its unique brand, spacious interiors, an emerging location with good food and choice of drinks. If you are in the area go ahead and try the Playboy Café .

Parking: Ample free Valet Parking is available though you need to pay to the building parking to let your car in.

Cost for two: Approximately Rs 1500-2000 including drinks.

For Bookings contact phone numbers:  Phone Numbers +91 9205276956 ,+91 9205276957


Let the party begin

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  1. The ambiance looks true to their name. The pizza, pasta, and dessert look so mouthwatering 🙂

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