Sep 302016

Download  October 2016 Calendar Desktop Wallpaper – Super Blood Moon

The October 2016 desktop calendar for download presents a unique astronomical phenomenon, known as Super Blood Moon, which is actually different from Blood Moon. Blood Moon, Super Blood Moon you must be wondering what am I talking about ? Well, I have not given these names, these are an astronomical phenomenon to photograph which some people travel thousands to miles to capture them.

Check this earlier post if you are wondering “What Is Super Blood Moon” and how I clicked the images of Super Blood Moon and earlier of Blood Moon.  If you are not interested in going to the earlier post, then I can give you my theory about Super Blood Moon. You see when I was on the rooftop, mosquitoes must have sucked most of my blood, as I was photographing the moon, hence the name “ Super Blood Moon”. Don’t believe me ? Well, then you can check the earlier post where the scientific explanation is given 🙂

Anyways long story short, let us all welcome to October, the official beginning of festival season in India, we begin with Navratri in few days, followed by Dussehra, Diwali, Dev Diwali, and later Christmas at the end of the year, and many more big and small festivals in between. When it comes to festivals I do not discriminate between them and celebrate all the festivals of India, if for nothing else then for all the sweets one get during festivals.  But as always I totally get lost when I think about festivals and sweets ( but that is the joy of celebrating festivals and writing about them on your own blog without a worry about editorial guidelines ), let me take you to our October 2016 Calendar for download that features Super Blood Moon, clicked in Delhi NCR against a highrise building. The image is a bit soft as I removed the noise from the picture.

October 2016 desktop calendar download

Super Blood Moon on October 2016 Calendar

You can download the October 2016 desktop calendar in following sizes by right clicking and saving the images.

1024 px

1600 px

2100 px 

You can go to the earlier post about Super Blood Moon to know how the image was clicked.

Just click on the link of the image size you would like to download and save your October 2016 desktop wallpaper calendar my gift for the readers of desi Traveler blog.

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  1. Fantastic post..beautiful pic.. 🙂

  2. Wow – what a fabulous photo.

  3. I like your blog.

  4. Beautiful colours!!!

  5. i like this october calender. lot of thanks sir

  6. loved the moon to the moon and back !

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