Jan 282012
One of the challenges in living in a multi-storey apartment complex is that you miss the interaction with your neighbours.  Normally you don’t even know if they are home and some time you will discover the same by the increasing pile of newspapers on their front doors.
Ours is a fairly new complex and most of the residents have moved less than 6 months ago. Some of the enthusiastic folks have been taking great pains to make sure that we do not become a nameless faceless community but interact with each other. Today there was a celebration on the occasion of Saraswati Pooja. This day Saraswatithe goddess of wisdom and learning is worshipped. It was indeed nice to know that in this material world we have people who are willing to take out time to worship the goddess of learning, and why  not? Earnings today are a subset of L(earnings) and the more learned you  are more chance you have for better earnings.
Any way philosophy aside below are some of the pictures that I clicked during the function.

It was good to see kids participating enthusiastically in various competitions. The highlight of the show was Kuchipudi dance by a little girl. The sound system was giving some problem but she continued with her performance that can match a professional.

classical Indian dance by girl
Kuchipudi By Ankita
saraswati puja at PBEL city
Maa In Focus
books as gifts on saraswati puja
Kids Reading New Books
decoration for saraswati puja
Beautiful Rangoli Depicting Lotus Flowers
Godess Saraswati
women attending saraswati pooja
Pooja In Progress


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