May 202014
Evening Ganga Aarti at Varanasi Dashashwamedh Ghat

 Ganga Aarti at Varanasi: In praise of the River Goddess In Travel Tuesday post today we will talk about Ganga Aarti at Varanasi, the spiritual capital of India. Banaras as the city is known locally is now in limelight because of political reasons due to a very well publicized electoral battle between Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal. Of course, now this is old news and Mr. Narendra Modi emerged victorious in what turned out to be a no contest. But desi Traveler is not a political blog, so we will restrict our discussion to our topic of the post the evening Aarti on Dashashwamedh [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 282012
Saraswati Pooja

One of the challenges in living in a multi-storey apartment complex is that you miss the interaction with your neighbours.  Normally you don’t even know if they are home and some time you will discover the same by the increasing pile of newspapers on their front doors. Ours is a fairly new complex and most of the residents have moved less than 6 months ago. Some of the enthusiastic folks have been taking great pains to make sure that we do not become a nameless faceless community but interact with each other. Today there was a celebration on the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 012011
Eco Friendly Green Ganesha

Ganpati Celebrations the  Green Ganesha way I have never been one of the religious types, always having a little snobbish image of myself as more of a spiritual than a religious person, totally forgetting that the first step towards spirituality is to leave behind snobbery. Veggee Ganesha Complete With Karela Mouse So I have never been active in the society religious functions, keeping a safe distance from them worrying that the religious fever may infect my spiritual self. Kids Dressed As Ganesha While I was very impressed by the main Idol devoid of any toxic colors, what really made [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]