Sep 152015

Gadhe ke poot yahan mat moot : Travel Tuesday picture for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan


Well I will not say much and let this picture talk. We all had great hopes about cleanliness in the country specially public places when the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched.  I specially want our tourist places to have good toilet facilities as it becomes impossible to find toilets leave aside clean toilets no matter where you go.

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Indian men pissing against wall in open

Gadhe Ke Poot Yahan Mat Moot , has a new meaning here


It is not uncommon in small town India to find it written on the walls ” Gadhe Ke Poot, Yahan Mat Moot”  ( Don’t piss here you son of  a Jack Ass ). But this picture takes it to the next level, the roles have reversed here and this mule seems to be telling this guys not to soil the fields and wall. At other places people paint pictures of Gods to prevent others from urinating against a wall.  Does that tell you something  about our nature ?

What to say,  as our tourism grows, I hope we provide better facilities including toilets to our visitors.  Otherwise like I said in my post on Kunzum, we are very good at making any place toilet. You may find the post frivolous or in bad taste, but as a regular traveler I know how painful it is to not find proper toilets when you need to go, and women and girls have to suffer even more.

In all the other countries I have traveled ( and I have traveled to a few ) all tourist places have toilets to be used by visitors, they may be paid like our Sulabh Shauchalays or free but they are always there.   One can only hope that our country is working in that direction after the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was started last year. But like all government schemes, it is our responsibility as citizens of this country to make sure that we follow some basic rules and do not litter around.


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  1. Hi, Pic is Funny and interesting too. India is now changing in every aspects as specially swatch bharat abhiyan. As prasad mention that government and hotel/tourism should work towards cleaning toilets collectively. i want to add some words people also have to support them to achieve goal known as “clean inda” or “Swatch bharat abhiyan” interesting post. As specially photo click 😉

  2. Interesting picture.

  3. Finding clean toilets is like a miracle. In fact, at public places, toilets are so bad, women can’t use them. Nice picture.

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