Apr 112016
Working Donkeys of Petra & the one who quit his job

Watching Donkeys of Petra: We are like that only So my recent post was about Mules, earlier I had written a post about Horses, so a smart Alec pointed out to me in a DM what about Donkeys? So to respect the sentiments of my donkey loving friend, who felt I am discriminating against Donkeys here is my post about Donkeys or to be more specific Donkeys Of Petra. But to set the record straight I suggest you read the post about Mules as a mule is 50% Donkey. Done? Good, let me go back to my visit to the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 192016
One Night At Bangalore Airport

Bangalore Airport at Night Not in very distant past, I had to spend a night at Bangalore airport, not that I wanted to but I had to.  I was returning from Singapore, as I was on a sponsored trip by Tiger Air so they have booked me via Bangalore from where they fly to Singapore Changi Airport. I had a layover for 5-6 hours before my connecting flight.  Long story short I had an early morning flight from Bangalore or Bengalururro or Bengalorouo or whatever the polishitians politicians have named the garden city, either way, they have screwed up the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 252015
Friday Fun: How Indians Travel

Neville Shah  On How Indians Travel   Some time back, I shared a video on How to Take Better Travel Pictures for Facebook and Instagram.  In same spirit let us continue some more fun and here I am sharing some observation on how  Indians Travel. Before you watch this video let me warn you watch it with headphones on and make sure your kids are not in the room. Then as always my disclaimer: Bura Na Mano desi Hai  🙂 or as I say : desiHumor but this is from Neville Shah, a Bombay based  stand up comedian So this guy [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 152015
Swachh Bharat Abhiyan - Travel Tuesday Picture

Gadhe ke poot yahan mat moot : Travel Tuesday picture for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan   Well I will not say much and let this picture talk. We all had great hopes about cleanliness in the country specially public places when the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched.  I specially want our tourist places to have good toilet facilities as it becomes impossible to find toilets leave aside clean toilets no matter where you go.   It is not uncommon in small town India to find it written on the walls ” Gadhe Ke Poot, Yahan Mat Moot”  ( Don’t piss here you son of  a Jack Ass [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Aug 292015
New Rules of Travel Photography in age of Facebook and Instagram

Get more likes on Instagram and Facebook on your Travel Photographs The Times They Are a-Changin,  Said good old Boby Dylan and we took him very seriously.  Nothing is untouched by the change happening around us. Travel photography or more correctly the family travel photography has changed beyond recognition. There was a time when we will go on a holiday with one auto shoot camera with 2 or may be 3 rolls of Kodak Film. Your aim was not just to capture the essence of the place but also your family moments. Like they say two birds with one stone.  Clicking [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]