Oct 022016
Cactus Garden Changi Airport Singapore

Where Is The Most Amazing Cactus Garden in Singapore ? I have written in detail about the Butterfly Garden in Changi Airport Singapore, where I had spent a leisurely afternoon photographing butterflies. But there are other gardens also at Changi Airport Singapore like Sunflower Garden Cactus Garden Lily Pond Enchanted Garden Orchid Garden just to name the few. Each garden at Changi Airport has its own charm and taking you to a different world without taking a flight 🙂 .  I stumbled on the Cactus Garden at Changi Airport by chance.  I was looking for a good vantage point [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 232012
Cactus Flowers

What can be better than a beautiful flower on a cactus plant? Well read on. The Twins Another View Of The Twins While I was still enjoying the photo of the ethereal cactus flower, the plant was slowly using its reserves to work on two small buds. A couple of days ago the buds suddenly became very big in size and we had 2 extremely beautiful flowers blooming together. Thus we had a double bonanza with two flowers on the same day on the plant. This year has been especially good for this one as it has bloomed three [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 162012
Cactus Flowers-Blooms of the thorns

A marvel of nature-Cactus Flowers Very often I have been accused of being surrounded by thorns and branded somebody who is surrounded by inauspicious things not recommended by Vastu at all because of my love for growing Cacti. With all due respect to the traditions and the intelligence of people who brand me “Thorny” (thank god T is not silent here) let me give a reason for my love for Cacti and Cactus flowers is only one of them. We all know Desi Traveler loves to travel and travel is a demanding mistress, thus at times I would be away [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]