May 242016
Road Trip to Bhagamandala Temple & Tala Cauvery in Coorg

Road Trip to Tala Cauvery Origin of River Kaveri in Coorg Most hill stations in India came into existence because of Sahib log during Raj wanting to escape the heat & dust during desi summers. Not so Coorg, it has been a flourishing Kingdom much before that, proudly inhabited by the brave and nature loving Kodava people. My introduction to Coorg was through Hindi translation of Chikavira Rajendra, by Maasthi Venkatesha Iyengar, the masterpiece that takes you through the turbulent times of the last king of Madikeri. Ever since then I have tried to go and soak in the experience of the Coorg the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 282014
Colors of India: The Homes In Indian Villages & Small Towns

Beautiful Colors of India in Villages and Small Towns Whenever I travel, one of my aims is to click pictures of homes, not houses but homes.  You cannot just walk into anybody’s home and click pictures; you would need to be invisible for that. As I am yet to find my invisibility cloak ala Mr. India, I am just happy clicking pictures of homes from outside.  You see for last many years we have lived in an apartment complex, where you do not have much choice on the color of exterior, but one can play with decorating interiors with [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jan 272012

We decided to go and welcome 2012 in Coorg in Karnataka. I wrote about the same in my earlier posts. This post is less about the trip and more about how we almost got cheated by the cab driver. Since we live in Hyderabad and Coorg is much closer to Bangalore, I requested a dear friend Vibhor to help me with cab booking, so that the cab can take us to Coorg and stay with us for the rest of trip and drop us back to the airport after 4 days. Vibhor was kind enough to book a cab [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

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Jan 142012
Baby Elephant Playing in River  in Coorg

Baby Elephant In Coorg Recently we went to Coorg in Karnataka.  We were informed that there is an elephant training camp on the banks of a river managed by the forest department. We could not resist to visit it, not knowing that we will fall in love with a baby elephant. The camp has many elephants both male and female, but one young one stole our heart by his naughty activities and playfulness. He was not in chains unlike his elders and was enjoying his morning bath in the river. Discovering A Cloth Throwing The Cloth Going For The [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]