Jan 142012

Baby Elephant In Coorg

Recently we went to Coorg in Karnataka.  We were informed that there is an elephant training camp on the banks of a river managed by the forest department. We could not resist to visit it, not knowing that we will fall in love with a baby elephant.
The camp has many elephants both male and female, but one young one stole our heart by his naughty activities and playfulness. He was not in chains unlike his elders and was enjoying his morning bath in the river.
baby elephant on river bank
Discovering A Cloth
baby elephant playing on river bank
Throwing The Cloth
baby elephant playing on river bank Coorg
Going For The Cloth Again


He discovered a discarded  piece of cloth on the bank and started playing with it. The Nikonian in me took full advantage of the moment and captured some of these pictures.
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The naughtiness of the baby elephant stole our heart and we were so engrossed in watching him that we forgot we have a flight to catch. But that dear reader is another story.

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  1. Thanks a lot Saru and Deepak… do check other photos on the FB page

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