Mar 062014
Women Entrepreneurs of India: Some Pictures from my travels

Photographs of Women  Entrepreneurs of India Last year on International women’s day I wrote about some of the women travelers I have been fortunate to know and who inspire other women travelers both by the solo travel they do, as well as some of the tough adventure activities they engage in. You can read that post here. Women who travel and lead We all know about the top women executives of India Inc. the women who have broken the glass ceiling and raised the bar for men also. But there are millions of women across India who are CEOs of [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 112013
Let us spread some positive news and actions: SoCh

An Evening well spent: SoCh a breeze of positivism We are so used to hearing all kind of negative news, that anything good, positive is totally lost in the cacophony of negativity around us. But there are people around us who are actively and structurally working to make sure we do not forget that there is hope and love to be spread around us and there are people who are already doing it without anybody knowing much about it. Once such event I attended this Sunday was the 2nd session of SoCh, a very unique event that showcases the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Sep 192013
Winners of Blogging Contest for Change in support of Rang De

  And the winners for Contest for Change in Support of Rang De are.. It’s time to announce the winners of Contest for Change in support of Rang De. But first a bit of history. I have been a supporter and volunteer for Rang De for some time now; as I have always believed investing using micro finance is better way of bringing change and prosperity than one time charity. Remember the old saying “Feed a man fish and feed him for a day, teach men to fish and feed him for life” When I requested Smita Ram the [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 272013
Travel That Moved Me- Blogging Contest in Support of Rang de

“Travel that moved me” contest in support of Rang de We all travel for various reasons, not all travel is like tourist, some time back I traveled as a Rang de volunteer   Recently Srihari Maneru trekked to Rupkund with a banner in support of Rang de. So you can travel not just for fun but for a cause also. The travel may not begin for a cause but you may discover a cause on your travels.  The Contest for a cause: So here is a unique contest about a journey or travel that moved you and made you more socially responsible. This [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 282012
A Journey as A Rang De Volunteer

Traveling As a Rang De Volunteer A wise man once said, “The Journey is the destination”. Why I quote this? Because not all journeys should have a destination, some of them should and are taken for the purpose of the journey and not for seeing a particular place or site. One such journey I took some time back as a volunteer with Rang De. For those who are not familiar with Rang De but want to do something for this world, I strongly recommend you visit the website of Rang De.  Still, I would like to give a small primer about Rang De over here, it was founded by Ram [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]