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“Travel that moved me” contest in support of Rang de

We all travel for various reasons, not all travel is like tourist, some time back I traveled as a Rang de volunteer   Recently Srihari Maneru trekked to Rupkund with a banner in support of Rang de. So you can travel not just for fun but for a cause also. The travel may not begin for a cause but you may discover a cause on your travels.

 The Contest for a cause: So here is a unique contest about a journey or travel that moved you and made you more socially responsible. This contest is in support of Rang de.

Rang De LogoRang De is a non-profit online platform that enables individuals (Social Investors) to lend Rs.100 or more to rural entrepreneurs from low income households at www.rangde.org. Founded in 2008, Rang De’s mission is to make poverty history in India by making micro credit affordable to people. 

Founded by Ram and Smita, Rang de has slowly but steadily grown to impact thousands of lives around India with help of 5000 social investors who believe in the same goal of social and economic empowerment with help of small loans at affordable rates. I have been a social investor in Rang de for some time and am very impressed with their work. Please check this link to find out what the world is saying about Rang de.

The fine print about “The travel that moved me” Contest

You need to write about an experience during your travel that moved you, made you more socially conscious and responsible. It could be anything like

1. You met somebody who is a hero in his own sense and is helping the society in his own way. It could be as simple as teaching kids in his or her village, but who is doing it purely out of his conviction to make a change.

2. Or you saw the environmental degradation caused by tourists in a remote hamlet which made you think how you can help and take some action.

3. Basically any moving or life changing experience during your travels that you would like to share in your blog post.

4. So write a small post of 300 to 1000 words writing about your experience. You can add any self clicked pictures with the post.


1. Only fresh entries written for this post will be eligible.

2. You should have an existing blog that is minimum 6 months old with 3 or more earlier posts in it. A blog started to participate in contest will not be eligible.

3. If you put any pictures they should be clicked by you and not taken from internet. Entries without pictures are OK and pictures are not mandatory.

4. All entries must mention and link in the post that “This is my entry for “Travel That Moved me” contest, in support of Rang de, conducted by desi Traveler .

5. For all eligible entries, I will be investing 100 Rs in a Rang de borrower. So more the entries more borrowers will get investments to realize there dream project.

6. Contest is open to all bloggers , irrespective of where they are based. But the prizes will be given only in Indian rupees.

7. Depending on the response to contest we may change the closing date of the contest before or after the current closing date of August 31, 2013. So please don’t wait for last date to submit  your entry.

So what do you get as Prize:

Well you get to make a difference in somebody’s life somewhere in India with help of the prizes you will win.

There will be 3 winning entries and the prizes will be

First Prize:  A Rang de Gift card of Rs 4000/-

Second Prize: A Rang de Gift card of Rs 2000/-

Third Prize:  A Rang de Gift card of Rs 1000/-

Special  prize: The post that is receives maximum Tweets and RTs  will also receive a special prize of INR 500/- Rang de gift card. Please use #rangdesi for me to keep a track of the tweets.

Who will Judge the contest: Smita Ramakrishna the Co-founder & Managing Trustee of Rang de will be judging the contest along with other members of Rang de team. I will help them with any support they need for the same, but will not be involved in final selection of winners.

IMP: Please note that the Rang de Gift Voucher is to be used on Rang de website to invest in a Rang de borrower only. So you get to win a contest and change a some body’s life by becoming a social investor. Once the borrower repays the money you can keep it or continue to reinvest through Rang de.

Once you have written the post please leave a link here in the comments section of the post Also help in spreading the word by sharing the same on Twitter and tweet to me @desitraveler and I will RT the same to have more people participate in the contest.

Questions You may have 

Question: How many posts can I write?

Answer: Only One post per participant is eligible irrespective of number of blogs you have.

Question: I am already a social investor in Rang de can I participate

Answer: Yes you are welcome to participate in the contest.

Question: Can I use an old post for the contest

Answer: No only fresh posts specifically written for the contest will be considered eligible

Question: I am not a travel blogger can I participate in the contest

Answer: Yes all bloggers are welcome to participate in the contest.

Question: What is the duration of Contest?

Answer: All posts written between June 27, 2013 and 31 August  2013 are eligible for the contest.

Question: When will the result declared

Answer: We will try to declare the result asap once the contest closes.

Questions: When will I get my gift vouchers?

Answer: You will get the gift vouchers within 7 working days of the results being announced here on desi Traveler

Disputes: Any disputes related to the contest will be settled over a cup of coffee in Hyderabad, I get to pick the place and you get to pick the tab. ( See it is a very fair contest  )

Please add your link below by clicking the blue button below that says ” Add your Link” and feel free to contact me in case of any questions.

Share on Facebooktwitter and Google +, so that maximum people participate in the contest and we are able to invest more in the business ventures of small investors in India.

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  1. The contest is now over. I thank all the participants and supporters. You can check the results here


  2. I appreciate your efforts….I want meet you one day for inspiration…

    Manva Sevayeee.. Madhava seva… gr8 man…

  3. “This is my entry for “Travel That Moved me” contest, in support of Rang de, conducted by desi Traveler . –

  4. Very nice attempt..looking forward to join the same

  5. Thanks for sharing the information !!

    I am doing a fundraising for Milaap which has similar structure like Rand De. The concept is the same, lending money and getting it back after a certain period… Here’s the link. You might be interested 🙂


  6. That’s a wonderful initiative by Rang De.

  7. cheerz! It’s an awesome blog and glad to see you are making a difference to people’s lives:)

  8. Hey, the contest sounds so interesting and the cause is wonderful. I was wondering is the ‘six month old’ rule set in stone? Mine is a new travel blog, barely crossing the three month mark and I would have loved to participate.

  9. Bhavana’s guest post on my blog as her entry for the contest http://instantwords.blogspot.in/2013/07/the-26th-travel-thingy-and-how-change.html
    Any prizes it wins will be credited to Bhavana.


  10. A great initiative, will see if i can come up with something.Not promising as i am not much of a travel blogger 🙂

  11. Have saved the link of this post, but could visit today only. This is such a nice concept, would for sure try to participate and if not, owing to really tight schedule these days, will try to read and share all the entries and anything that you can suggest (like donating together)…

  12. What a nice initiative!
    I will try putting up a post for the good cause..

  13. I enjoyed participating in this contest. It helped me remember one experience that has stayed with me even after so many years. Thank you for the opportunity to participate. Here is my link: http://cynthology.blogspot.in/2013/07/the-earth-provides-enough-day-18.html

  14. Traveling for a cause! This is such a brilliant idea.

  15. Feeling great to find this post .Only fear is , how to write the post .Hoping to take part in this excellent travel initiative

  16. Thanks for letting me know of your great initiative… I’ll be glad to be of any help… hope to catch up with the motion soon…

  17. Just came to know about this site “rangde” and nice initiative , will try 🙂

  18. Nice Initiative 🙂 Great

  19. Is it okay if I blog about a trip I made in 2004? The post will be new, but the trip itself happened back then.

  20. http://rk-karthik.blogspot.in/2013/06/chapter-1-attempt-to-discover-india.html
    Hello, I was not aware of this initiative until a friend referred me to this link. This, I hope, is the first of the many travels I’m going to undertake. Whether this gets approved or not, I would like to be in touch with you guys, because I believe we have similar ideals.

  21. Rang De sounds like a great organization!

  22. Today First Time I Heard about Rang De. I Checked The Website It’s Good.
    And Doing Very Good Works.

  23. Wow! Blogging contest for a noble cause, this is so interesting and an awesome concept Prasad! Reminds me so much of IndiChange and you charted this wonderfully well. Will definitely spread the message and try to participate in this one. Kudos to you and all the best! 🙂

  24. thanks for sharing the information about Rang De !! I am checking the site what it is about and the contest too

  25. will be happy to take part…not for the money or prize..but to share my experiences..and help in contribution 🙂

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