Jan 132015
A Walk Photographing Delhi Heritage in Mehrauli

 Walking Talking and Photographing Delhi Heritage in Mehrauli So how many Delhi cities you know? If you are a Muggle like me you may say 2, New Delhi and Old Delhi. But if you read historians they will give you a lot more than just 2 cities of Delhi. From the mythological Indraprastha to the modern New Delhi there were many cities in between. The Dhillika or Tomars, Jahanpanah and Tughlaqabad built by an emperor who is either called an idiot or a genius depending on whose version you want to listen, but everybody agrees on his tyranny.   A [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jul 042013
Showcase on Swarat Ghosh- Street Photographer from India

Street Photographs from India by Swarat Ghosh Dear Readers, today we showcase one of the most talented young street photographers in India. For him taking pictures is not just clicking button, but a whole experience in itself. He captures life like nobody else, as he has his own unique style and an eye of for life as it happens on streets of India. Within a short span of time he is recognized worldwide for his talent and has won many awards. This all when he has being photography purely out of passion, as Swarat Ghosh is a User Interface Designer by profession [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Apr 082012
Essence Of Old Hyderabad-II

Making Bread  This photo is being submitted as part of Thursday challenge with the topic Hands. I clicked this picture during a visit to the Old Hyderabad with TCPC when we were trying to capture the Essence of Old Hyderabad. Check the other photos by clicking here