Nov 082013
Sunset in Tadoba

Sunset in Tadoba: Stuck  We have a saying in North India, “Aasmaan Se Tapka, Khajoor main Atka”, losely translated it mean: “Fell from sky, but got stuck in the date palm tree”. The gist is that though you have fallen you are still high enough. This is the exact feeling I had when I clicked this picture in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve or TATR. The sun almost appears to be stuck in branches, hence my remembering ” Aasmaan Se Tapka, Khazoor main Atka”, what do you say? More posts in Tadoba series: Telia Tiger Cubs Also linking the same to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Jun 012013
Telia Tiger Cub in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve

Telia Tiger Cub  Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve- A dip in Lake Recently on a visit to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve ( TATR), we saw this female tiger cub sitting just a few meters away from path in the shade. We stopped our jeep and started taking her pictures. She was feeling hot and walked right in front of us to take a dip in the Telia Lake. After soaking in water for about half  hour, she majestically got up and walked right in front of me back into the bushes, walking past the motorcycle of a forest guard who [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]