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Telia Tiger Cub Tadoba

Telia Tiger Cub  Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve- A dip in Lake

Recently on a visit to Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve ( TATR), we saw this female tiger cub sitting just a few meters away from path in the shade. We stopped our jeep and started taking her pictures. She was feeling hot and walked right in front of us to take a dip in the Telia Lake. After soaking in water for about half  hour, she majestically got up and walked right in front of me back into the bushes, walking past the motorcycle of a forest guard who made way for her. Watching a tiger at such a close range is a life changing experience and you realize what a majestic creature a Tiger is and deserves to be called the King of Jungle. Incidentally these cubs are sired by Wagdoh Male the largest male tiger in India, whom we saw in the next safari.   I clicked a lot of pictures of the Tiger and then later joined them in Lightroom to create this video, this is my first attempt to create a video by combining multiple images, and I apologize for the poor quality.

 The above video was created  using 150 + pictures and combining them, this second video below was shot in movie mode on my Nikon D7000, again a proper first for me in jungle. Last time I sorely regretted not knowing video buttons on my camera when I missed the fight between a cunning fox and an Eagle over a spiny tailed lizard that the fox had caught. The challenge with taking videos as an amateur is that you tend to shake your hand a lot and the video comes very shaky.  The other difference is that the first video was made from pictures taken over 40 minutes the second one is all of about 32 seconds.

Watching this female tiger cub in Tadoba Tiger Reserve (TATR) was a very thrilling experience for me, though I have seen tigers earlier in Pench and Jim  Corbett National Park, this was the closest I have been to a tiger in my life. But more was in store in the next few hours, watch this space for more or subscribe to Facebook page of desi Traveler to get  updates about Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve and our visit there to meet the king of Jungle. Share Khan would have approved.

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  1. Think you did a great job on the video1

  2. I thought the lion was the king of the jungle! 🙂
    It’s so cool that you got to see a tiger up close like that. That too, one in the wild.
    I liked the bg music in the first video, very apt! And the pics are good too!

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