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Clicking Pictures of Tata Bolt

As I mentioned in the earlier post about drive and review of Tata Bolt, that I will be sharing more pictures of Tata Bolt.  But due to various reasons ( mostly travel 🙂 )  I could not upload the pictures of Tata Bolt hence the post got delayed. So without much delay let me share some pictures of Tata Bolt that I clicked at various places.  As the car we received, this time, was not brand new my focus was on the outside of the car and not the interiors of the car, more so because I was more keen to click pictures of the Bolt against the sunset and high rises near the Golf Course.

Red Tata Bolt Car against sunset in Gurgaon

Tata Bolt Car Clicked Around Sunset

Tata Bolt Car Gurgaon

The Tata Bolt

The first few pictures we took was with the high-rises in the background trying to showcase the urban looks of Tata Bolt.  The challenge with clicking shiny bright cars is a reflection of surrounding, the car pictures you see in ads are taken in controlled studio environments making sure that reflections and shadows are eliminated carefully using reflectors and curtains to cut off unwanted elements in the picture of the car. But I had no such luxury so I decided to and not cut reflections to  enhance the reflections and use the shiny bright surface of the red bolt to showcase the surroundings. So in all the pictures  you see here, you will find some reflections of surroundings like buildings, clouds trees and even people in some cases.


Tata Bolt Review

Get Set Bolt

Tata Bolt review

The Balcony View of Tata Bolt

Tata Bolt Review

Ready to burn some rubber


Tata Bolt Review

The rear viper on Tata Bolt


projector head lamp tata bolt

Projector Head Lamps of Tata Bolt

Tata Bolt Rear viper

The Bold Bolt

Tata Bolt Review

Let us leave the concrete jungle behind


Tata Bolt Review Side view Mirror

The side-view mirrors have indicator lights

Once we have clicked the pictures in the city surroundings we wanted to head towards some green patches in the Aravalli range nearby. We took a winding road towards a steep cliff from where you can see the skyline of DLF apartments in Gurgaon. Not very long ago there were only green jungles in Aravalli though slowly it is being edged out by concrete jungle and the green patches are struggling to maintain their millions of years old home but are helpless against the joint might of Neta, Babu, and Builder nexus.   The music system touch screen of the bolt also serves as a control for speakers and as a map screen for finding the path once you have entered your destination.

Music system Tata Bolt

We enjoyed listening from the music system with touch screen that also acted as GPS Map screen

Tata Bolt Review

Then we took the bolt to a Jungle nearby


Tata Bolt Gurgaon skyline

Tata Bolt clicked against the skyscrapers

But outdoor photo shoots depend a lot on the vagaries of nature, while I had hoped to click pictures against some golden sunset, the clouds decided to play a spoil sport and  most of the evening we had a grey sky, I had to juggle a lot with the settings of the camera and some post processing to bring out some orange in the sky. But overall it was wonderful clicking the car in various surroundings from high rises to the dense overgrowth on the serpentine village road in the Aravalli and then trying to capture the Tata Bolt against setting the sun behind the tall apartment complex of the city.

I must thank the BlogAdda and Tata Bolt team to send the car specifically for clicking pictures.

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Road Trip to Neemrana in Tata Bolt

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