Apr 012012

We are getting  more and more alienated with our roots and forgetting our heritage, so every once in a while I get a bug to visit old city of Hyderabad to connect to the glorious past of the city.
So this Saturday with a group  of TCPC  shutterbugs we decided to visit the old city behind the  Salarjung museum. The meeting point was Darush Shifa Jamia Masjid which has  pure white  presence in sea of color around it.
I have never been in this part of the city and was very excited about the visit.  The group leader Rahul Bose gave instructions about how to conduct ourselves in this part of the city as a lot of residents of the area do not like to be clicked.
My experience was very positive in the area and most of the people whom we found interesting were keen to get their pictures clicked.  One mango vendor even went out of the way to help me in composing the picture of his mangoes.
An old gentleman posed for us with his toothless smile while talking on his cell phone and his golden watch shining prominently.
Only one guy was upset as I clicked the picture of the shopkeeper behind him but ignored him. He blamed me to be a foreigner who will sell these pictures to foreign media. I was very amused with this allegation and could easily make out that this guy must be objecting to all the foreigners who come to old city to click pictures, and he used the same corny lines on me. Some of his friends scolded him and we parted as friends after I clicked a few pictures of him.
naan old hyderabad
This Is What Is Called Oven Fresh
I am pasting below my favorite picture of the visit. Two freshly baked breads shaped like heart just out of the Tandoor. 
My other favorite is  Rolls Royce car that appeared majestically from nowhere but due to its elegance was still looking as if it belonged to the era of the Nizams and is at home in the old city of Hyderabad
For rest of the pictures please visit this link:
riches of hyderabad
This Rolls Transported Me Back To The Era Of Nizams In The Old City

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