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Save Old Baobab Tree or Kalpavriksha Of Hyderabad India

Have you ever hugged a tree? Well once again early morning I visited the Old Baobab tree with some nature lovers from GHAC Nature. We were planning to form a human chain and hug the Old Baobab tree also known as Kalpavriksha, believed to be brought on earth by Lord Krishna from Heaven, from the garden of Indra the king of devtas or gods.

baobab tree hatiyan jhad chipko movement hyderabad

Siddharth, Sujith, Sanjana, Dr. Geethanjali, Prasad and Mrs. Prasad Pvrk

Well it seems the tree that was once associated with gods is now facing a battle for survival like I mentioned in the earlier post. Fortunately due to good rains this year the Baobab tree has recovered some of its vigor and looked very health with a fresh crown of leaves and surprise! surprise! Beautiful white flowers with rust colored stamens.  I could also notice some small fruits forming on the tree (will have to visit again). This fruit when it grows to the size of a bottle gourd is relished by monkeys and is actually called Monkey bread tree in some parts of world. True to its name we could spot some monkeys eyeing the still small fruits, but could not click their pictures.

old baobab tree with new leaves

Nature has been kind to the Baobab but not humans

Though Mother Nature has been kind to the Baobab tree locally also known as Haathiyan Ka Jhaad, (elephant tree), it is being tortured by man. You can imagine how significant a Baobab tree must be to the life of people giving it has names like Kalpavriksha, Haathiyan Ka Jhaad, monkey bread tree, tree of life and of course its botanical name Adansonia digitata. The debris next to the tree has actually increased and somebody had tried to dig a trench on the back side of tree. There is also some pipe cutting machines next to the tree, which is not only cutting pipes but also causing damage to the base of Baobab tree.

flower of baobab tree

Old Baobab in Flower

Fruits of baobab tree monkey bread tree

Getting ready for Flowers and fruits

One of our members Mr. Siddhartha came first along with his son Sujith and daughter Sanjana in support of the tree. Soon we were joined by Dr. Geethanjali a pediatrician, even though she was in pains due to fracture in one of her legs. We formed a chain around the tree and were strategizing how to help it. While we were discussing this my dear friend and nature lover Mr. Prasad Pvrk and his wife joined us. Mrs. Prasad had come armed with paint and paper and we were soon making small placards with the words:


pipe cutting machine near old baobab tree hyderabad

Baobab Tree is in Danger with all the debris and construction around it

kids standing with baobab tree nanakramguda hyderabad

Youngsters say  – Together we stand to save Old Baobab

kids painting signs to save old baobab tree

Saving Old Baobab Tree – First step create awareness


save baobab tree movement

Let us save the Baobab Tree

baobab tree haatiyan ka jhad hyderabad

Haatiyan Ka Jhad, Kalpavriksha,  Baobab – Call me anything but save me

After making the signs we formed another human chain around the tree as our own little chipko ( Hug a tree) movement. and I also shot this video that you will see in the end of the post.  We all agreed the debris need to be removed from the base of the tree and a fence needs to be made around it to save it from further damage. I will continue to create more awareness for the Old Baobab tree. Also will request you to share about this tree and create awareness about it. When young kids like Sanjana and Sujith can come early in the morning to help save this tree, I see no reason why we should not help it.



Before leaving for the day we stuck the “SAVE BAOBAB” sign in the sacred thread around the tree that some devotees have tied around the Baobab. Mr. Prasad suggested we hug the old Baobab once again with our eyes closed, we all complied and I cannot tell you the feeling I got. With my eyes closed and the tree in my arms I could feel myself to be one with the tree and we could feel each other.  I told the tree” Don’t worry you have friends now, and no harm will come to you.”

We then walked to the old Ranganath Swamy temple, and prayed. But that my friend is another story.

Other posts in the Old Baobab Series that will help you locate the tree is given below

I hope you will help in spreading awareness by the Old Baobab tree by sharing this post with your social network.  Thanks a lot.

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  1. Why I’m not able to access your website after checking multiple posts? Getting below error:

    “Your access to this site has been limited, Your access to this service has been temporarily limited. Please try again in a few minutes. (HTTP response code 503)

    Reason: Exceeded the maximum number of page requests per minute for humans.”

  2. Hello there, I have been to the temple and visited the tree as well. I was shocked to see the majestic giant with scar marks upto six feet high on the trunk. I am mulling over a plan to save the tree. Please let me know how to get in touch with you.

    – Srikanth

    • Thanks for following my blog so ardently, I am forwarding your email to my friends who are involved in creating awareness about the Old Baobab Treee and we will contact you soon. You can check GHAC nature in the mean time for more activities planned around nature.

  3. hello, thankyou very much for sharing this excellent post. please let me know the exact location where the place in hyderbad. I ould like to visit this place.

  4. Arabian legend has it that the Boabab tree was plucked by the demon from heaven and thrown to Earth where it fell upside down. That is why the roots seem to hang in the air. This aptly describes the tree in its dry season and why the trunk is so huge.
    I thank Sudha, for sharing this excellent post with me. More so, I appreciate the initiative you and your group of friends have taken to save this one precious tree. Hope your message reaches far and wide and the tree continues to be a part of the legend of this area. My best wishes.

    There is more information at my website, India’s Endangered on the tree. Do visit. It does not feel right to attach a link here.

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