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Hugging The Old Baobab Tree Of Nanankramga

I wrote about the Old Baobab tree of Nanakramguda village in Financial District of Hyderabad. Since I was exploring the area I clubbed the  post with the 400-year-old Ranganath temple of Nanakramguda village. I think I should have kept the two separate as somewhere the message got diluted.

So here is an update on the visit to the Old Baobab Tree of Nanakramguda Village in  Hyderabad.

I was also not very happy with the pictures that I took of the tree, the pictures were unable to give a complete perspective of  the size of the tree.  So yesterday while we were coming back from test driving the VistaD90 , we decided to stop once again at the great Baobab and click some more pictures that will give some idea of how large the old baobab tree of  Nanakramguda in Financial District Hyderabad is.

the old baobab tree in nanakramguda hyderabad

Ganesan with the Baobab Tree

I asked my friend and photographer Ganesan  who was with me to pose with the tree and clicked this picture, he later clicked my picture hugging the tree.  I was silently praying for the tree that it out lives all of us and completes a millennium, as Baobab trees are only one of the may be 10 species of any living organism in world that can live more than 1000 years, and  if I am not wrong they could be the only one in the tropical and semi-arid areas to achieve this feat.

Desi Traveler hugging the old baobab tree

This should give some idea how huge the baobab tree is or how small I am

While we were hugging the Baobab, a passerby walked up to us and joined in the tree hugging ritual we have initiated. As you can see the two of them each with an arm span of about 70 inches or a combined arm span of 140 inches or around 11 ft could not cover even half of the tree. So the trunk of the tree must be easily more than 22 feet in diameter.

the trunk of baobab is around 22 feet in diameter

Tree Hugging is Good

Baobabs in Africa are part of many a folklore and have appeared on banknotes including 100 Franc banknotes in Madagascar where it is the national tree. There are efforts to use the Baobab tree’s fruit commercially as then they will  not face the Axe and will be valued more when alive. Check this video below that was shared by our reader Gopi Krishna, that talks about using the fruits of Baobab tree which are more nutritious than an orange for vitamins and minerals. Incidentally, Gopi is collecting seeds of Baobab trees to share with those who want to grow them. Gopi can be reached by clicking here.

The tree is still in danger and we need to help it in all possible ways and the first step is to create awareness about the same. I was told by a friend that in Jan-mid some posts appeared about the same in newspapers, but I was unable to find it, I would be grateful if some of you can share the same with me. Here is the link to reach the Old Baobab of Nanakramguda Village. With help of some of my friends, we are trying to reach CM of AP and Environment and Forest Minister of India by doing this online petition to save the 500 Year Old Baobab Tree. Kindly check and sign the petition online here created with help of Change.org.

More pictures when the Baobab was green and flowering on our next visit :     Baobab Tree in Flowers

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  1. Keep up the good work! Thanks for all your efforts trying to save the tree.

  2. Whao, this tree is huge! I’ve seen a big tree like that near Wai in Maharashtra. However, this one is somewhat bigger.

  3. Happy to learn that the baobab might be saved by your admirable concern. They are part of the history of India and should all be protected. In Africa it is culturally and sometimes also legally protected – like South Africa. Under Nelson Mandela’s government an Order of the Baobab was established and given to those citizens who had gone ‘the extra mile’ for their community.

    • Hi Diana…So good to know that Baobab is protected in South Africa.. here in India in some parts it is considered sacred tree Kalpa Vrikhsa ( or the tree of wishes). Hopefully we will be able to save the Old Baobab… Thanks

  4. I would love to hug that tree next time I visit Hyd. Thanks for letting me know!

  5. interesting info


  6. I just read about the petition. All the best, Prasad.
    I hope this little-bit-of Africa has a long life. That looks like a ‘grand’ old tree.

  7. Thank you for the petition and information on (Telugu:bramha aamlika) baobab tree.

    • Thanks Gopi… we are planning to take it forward with the authorities and all the support is needed.

      • Gopi and Desi….in many parts of North India the Baobab trees are given the status of Kalpavriksha…and revered but have different names in different locations….
        So why not call the Baobab tree of Nanakramguda…as Kalpavriksha and see it turn holy and it will be saved….cheers. – N.Shiva Kumar

        • You are right Shiva, I now remember attending a ISOCS meeting and it being referred as Kalpa Vriksha, and also in my first post on same I have mentioned the same. The Boobabs in Savanur, Karnataka are also worshiped as Kalpavriksha.

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