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Lamakaan The open inclusive cultural space in  Hyderabad

A few days ago we talked about Hussain Sagar Tank Bund where Hyderabadis go for evening walk when they don’t want to do anything.  But what about Hyderabadis with cultural juices overflowing ? Where do the artistic and the lets change the world types go to hang out and debate on everything under the sun? Well they head for Lamakaan in the heart of city in Banjara Hills, next to the lane to CBay Building (now called MModal) opposite the GVK Mall.

Lamakaan a cultural space in Hyderabad

Welcome To Lamakaan

So what kind of Hyderabadis you find in Lamakaan? Well actually every kind,budding bands, conspiring comrades, dedicated dramatist, painters ( the artistic kinds) photographers and struggling starlets you will find them all there. And if none of the labels is to your liking Lamakaan also welcomes you if all you want to do is sit in a corner and read or pretend to read a book or work on the laptop. And yes you can go ahead and conduct your team meeting for your start-up company right here sitting next to a budding play write. Lamakaan welcomes all.

tcpc photogrpahers meeting at lamakaan

Lets Meet At Lamakaan

Under the beautiful canopy of the evergreen trees you will see strategizing salesmen, trying to sneak a peek at the scented sops being made in a class by an Aunty Jee from Ameerpet. So Lamakaan is not only about a hanging place for the youngsters, it is a cultural hub for the high on energy Hyderabadi who has her eyes on a dream, and that dream is not just a card that is supposed to be Green. You will see plays, movie screenings, talks about going green, exhibitions for handicrafts and every thing else under the sun.

actors on Open stage at Lamakaan

A Play Being Rehearsed At Lamakaan

Lamakaan started hosting events in March 2010. It was founded by Ashhar Farhan, Humera Ahmed, Biju Mathew and Elahe Hiptoola. Lamakaan exudes of positive energy and you will find the place has an informal aura that spells artistic without being snobbish in any way.

It is OK and actually expected to arrive on an empty tummy as you will love the samosas that are sinfully yummy, and go well with the sugary syrup passed as special tea. ( This is Hyderabad my friend). Don’t care much about tea that is hot? Well I bet you will love the cold water from the earthen pot. Do remember here cash is king and credit is an alien who is not welcome, as in god the staff trusts everybody else pays cash.  The staff writes the menu on the white board of self service canteen, depending upon what all is available from the kitchen on that day or hour depending on the demand. Oh and yes I forgot to mention Lamakaan must be the only place in world that has not only a self service canteen but also a self service PEE PEE Room, yes that is what the staff calls the, well PEE PEE Room.

list of food items in menu at lamakaan

The Tea Is Hot And The Water Is From Earthen Pots

Lamakaan being centrally located in Banjara hills is the ideal meeting place for friends living or working in opposite parts of the city as the Hyderabadis say” Aadha Rasta tumee aao, adha rasta main” ( dear Hyderabadis please correct me here with the correct phrase). Loosely translated it means “You cover half the distance and I will cover the other half). A typical Hyderabadi whenever he  has to meet somebody to discuss or debate that needs countless cups of chai without any worrying about time will spontaneously say ” Lets meet at Lamakaan”. No address needs to be given as almost every body knows where Lamaakan is. ( Please read the first paragraph again please if you  are not from Hyderabad)

So my Hyderabdi friends if you have not been to Lamakaan I suggest you check it out whether it is to watch a play, or to meet an old buddy.  You will love the enjoy the cool breeze in the open veranda and don’t worry about that email from boss as the WiFi is free. But before going in evening remember to check the schedule on the Facebook page of Lamakaan, as on many days in evening there are paid events when the open air theater and projector area is out of bounds for ticketless tamashbeens (readers are invited to help with translation of Tamashbeens in comments 🙂 )

events and cultural activities happening at lamakaan

Something Is Always Happening At Lamakaan- Its A Happening Place Yaar !

Exicited?  You can follow this map that tells you how to reach Lamakaan. Lamakaan open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 10 pm, even when the city is busy with bandhs.( strike). Or just visit the website of Lamakaan to plan your own  cultural event. Monday is a holiday for Lamakaan.

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  1. Instead of taking to the Kerela Spa post, the link took me here, which was fun but where is the spa post?

  2. interesting place, quite near to my office but never heard of it… will go some time..tq

  3. Seems an interesting place to hang out

  4. and please, who is a tamashbeen?

  5. Wish I could visit this interesting and ‘cool’ place! Somehow, reminds me of Prithvi Theatre in Mumbai..

    • Hi Sangeeta: Lamakaan is interesting and cool, but it is much smaller and not a formal theater as all we have is a small open stage with plastic chairs for theater. But the concept is somewhat similar..

  6. Must be a very nice place..Will keep it in my list when i visit hyd next


  7. I can sit here all day for just 20 rupees 🙂
    For lazy buggers like me only this place is. Thanks a lot for writing about this place 🙂 I lou Lamakaan. The plays are so affordable. It did to theater culture what Chetan Bhagat did to literature (not in terms of content); made theater more accessible.

    • Absolutely Divenita… the samosa plate that I gorge on is only 10s and another tenner and you get piping hot tea also…I have been there in evenings to watch shows.. Just love the energy Lamakaan has… Thanks.

  8. Interesting place , I will surely want to visit this place.

  9. This post was much needed . The place is unique , considering how laid back our Hyderabadi lifestyle is. Thanks to Sathish Kumar, (HBM),I visited this place and loved it.

  10. That sounds like a place with a lot of character. What does Lamakaan mean tho’?

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