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Shiva Idol at Surendrapuri Museum of Mythology

There is a tall Shiva idol on NH8 on the way to Gurgaon from Delhi, it is a landmark and I have seen it many times. I am not sure how  high it is but always use to wonder if there are other that high statues of Shiva. Some time back I visited Surendrapuri, Yadagirigutta, Andhra Pradesh near Bhongir Fort and there I photographed this another very tall Shiva idol. Not sure which one is tallest or other such tall statues of Shiva or other Hindu gods in the the country. The specialty of this idol is that on one side it is Shiva with 5 heads and on the other side there is a Hanuman Idol, so basically it is a double idol.
Would love to know more about them. If you look at the height of the statue and men below it, you get some idea how high the idol is. 
large siva statue near bhongir fort Surendrapuri
The Shiva Idol Dwarfs The Men In Front 

I am not sure it is used for worship as it is outside the museum and not part of a temple, while the one in Delhi though not part of temple is actually worshiped by a lot of people.

How to Reach: Take the Warangal Highway from Hyderabad once you cross the Bhongir Fort you will see the signs for Surendrapuri take left turn once you see the sign. Map to reach Surendrapuri is here.

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  1. Thanks Shiana…

  2. Beautiful….


  3. Hi Alka: It is very common for all of us to never visit places around us… I remember visiting an ISCON temple in Hongkong, but have never been to one in India…

  4. ys have seen it, though am frm delhi bt nvr had the opportunity to have a closer look .

  5. Thanks Bindu..

  6. Thanks Vetrimagal…good observation, i guess in today's world the poison due to pollution has increased so much that Shiva has become blue in whole body and not just the neck as in the legend.

  7. Lovely ! Inspires some kind of wonder and feeling of “he is there”. Hope the people of that area who is watched by “Him” are doing good deeds:-)

    I thought only the throat is supposed to be blue, but more like Lord Rama, blue all over.

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