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Ancient Shore Temple Mamallapuram

Some time back I wrote two posts on Shore Temple Mamallapuram, one was a quiz to identify the ancient temple of Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram, on the East cost highway outside of Chennai.  In both the pictures I showed the top or the Shikhara of the temple with birds playing there at the lofty heights. This temple is one of the oldest in India and a great example of the maritime power and architecture of Pallava empire. These Pallava kings had trade, culture and military interactions with countries as far as Rome, China, Cambodia and many other ancient civilizations. So I was very pained to see this picture of vandalism of the shore temple Mamallapuram by some members of a political party.

I do  not understand politics nor is desi Traveler a blog about politics, but one thing I know there are many ways of protesting or showing your political muscle, but vandalizing our ancient heritage is not one of them. I wonder if this is what our political parties do to Unesco World Heritage site, what will they do to other less well known monuments? May be raze them to ground and build a multiplex?

I  have promised earlier that I will write a more detailed post about the Shore temple Mahabalipuram, but after this act of vandalism, I thought of just publishing more beautiful pictures of the temple here on desi Traveler, so that I can  highlight what a beautiful cultural heritage was vandalized and we need to stop these activities with immediate effect.

shore temple Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram- More Than A Millennium Old

Shore temple mahabalipuram

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram- On East Coast Highway

Nandi statutes outside shore temple Mahabalipuram

Nandi Statues Guard The Precinct Of Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

bird flying over shikhar or top of shore temple Mamallapuram

The Top Of Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

pilgrims at shore temple mahabalipuram

Pilgrims In Front Of Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

tourists looking at stone sculptures of Shore temple Mahabalipuram

Shore Temple Mahabalipuram is popular with both Indians & Foreigners

girl sitting between nandi statues at shore temple mahabalipuram

Looking For Shanti Among The Holy Cows

Sunset at shore temple mahabalipuram

Sunset At Mamallapuram Shore Temple

a crow flies over the top of shore temple mamallapuram

The Pinnacle of Pallava Power- Shore Temple Mahabalipuram

How To Reach Shore Temple Mahabalipuram:  The best way to reach Shore Temple Mamallapuram is to take East Cost Highway from Chennai, you can take a bus or your car as the highway is very good though congested near the city. You can follow this Google map link to the Mahabalipuram shore temple, open all seven days.

You need to buy a combo ticket that gives you entrance to all monuments in the Mahabalipuram complex the Pancha Rathas, Tiger Cave, Krishna’s butter ball etc. You can also visit it if you are returning from Pondicherry to take a flight or train from Chennai, like I did.

I hope you have liked the pictures of the Shore Temple Mahabalipuram and are equally pained at the vandalism of the temple as I am. Please note this is not a post about religious sentiments but about respecting  our national heritage that is not the precinct of any political party. Please sign this petition here to ASI to take action against this vandalism and protect the Shore Temple Mahabalipuram.

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  9 Responses to “A Photo Essay On Shore Temple Mamallapuram”

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  1. Its a very famous places and temple and you listed here very well thanks for sharing this with us keep continue

  2. Vandalism is everywhere in India… ancient temples, forts… it’s very sad!
    Good photos!

  3. The place looks really beautiful but sad to hear about the vandalism taking place. Rather than protecting and conserving these beautiful Indian architecture we are destroying it.

  4. Wow! Beautiful and poetic.

    The heritage belongs to all including the proud Tamils who held their gathering there. How can they do this to the sacred place? Is it a copy of Ayodhya incident? A leader who is suave and intelligent, a son who was a health Minister.. how can they loose their respect this way?

  5. You are right Arti…. destroying our heritage is no way to protest.

  6. It is sad to see our rich historic treasure being treated in this manner. Sorry state of affairs really! I agree to what you have said… there are many forms of protest if one wants to, why choose the path of destruction?

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