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First blog post from recent trip to Koh Samui, Ayutthaya and Bangkok in Amazing Thailand


Amazing Thailand is a very special place for me as it was here that me and Missus traveled first time out of India on our honeymoon, many moons ago.  In all these years many things have changed in Thailand from a traveler’s perspective, mostly for better. Recently I was in Thailand once again though all alone this time on  invitation of Tourism Authority of Thailand.

While I work on thousands of pictures that I clicked though mobile as well as my DSLR, let me present a curtain raiser on my visit to Thailand, which showcases the top ten things that I indulged in Amazing Thailand.

So ladies and gentlemen in no particular order I present my top ten experiences in Thailand that will part of my memory for a long time to come.

  1. Colorful flowers: Flowers are everywhere in Thailand, from the airport, to the hotels, to the mesmerizing flower market in Bangkok.They  are used in garlands for gods, decorating homes, hotel receptions, and generally grown almost everywhere.One  is spoilt for choice when it comes to flowers in Thailand, no wonder that the logo of Thai  Airways  is  combination of colors and shape of two flowers pink Magnolia blossoms and the purple orchids. This first  picture I  share  here  was clicked just outside at the front office of Tourism Authority of Thailand in Bangkok.

    Orchid flowers at Tourism Authority of Thailand office

    Orchids at TAT headquarters in Bangkok

  2. Island hopping from Koh Samui:  Besides mainland Thailand, there are literally hundreds of islands that are part of the Kingdom of Thailand.  I  have  been  earlier  to Phi Phi Islands, James Bond Island, Phuket etc. in the Andaman Sea, but this time for island hopping our base  was  the  magical  island  of  Koh  Samui in the gulf of Thailand.You  will be pardoned for thinking for a moment that you are in one of the Mediterranean islands when walking  on  the  streets  of  Koh  Samui. We visited the  Mu  Ko  Ang Thong National Marine Park   near  Koh  Samui  in  a  Yacht for snorkeling and some hiking; there is also a lake there where the  movie ”  The  Beach  ”  featuring  Leonardo   DiCaprio  was filmed.

    Woman with tatto on shoulder boats in ocean

    Checking the Boats anchored in Koh Samui

  3. Beaches: A land of hundreds of big and  small  tropical   islands  Thailand  is blessed with inviting pristine beaches,and  you  are spoilt for choice to walk on those bustling with activity of hundreds of tourists or go to secluded beaches where only waves, smiling sun and wind caressing your hair for company. Take your pick based on your budget and style.

    Woman on beach Koh Samui Thailand

    Koh Samui has some of the best beaches in Thailand

  4. Night life: Whether it is the  full  moon  party  in  Koh  Samui or bustling bazaars of China Town in Bangkok the night life in Thailand is better experienced than explained. We visited the night markets, had real late night dinners, walked the streets and checked some of the pubs.

    A Ferris Wheel on banks of Chao Phraya in Bangkok

    Night scene on banks of Chao Phraya

  5. Boat Cruise on   Chao Phraya River:  Chao  Phraya is known as the river of Kings, and is lifeline of trade, transportation and a lot of tourism activity in the downtown Bangkok area and upstream provinces too. We hopped on a private boat overlooking the Wat Arun or Temple of Dawn and checked the Bangkok Skyline that can easily compete with any western metropolis.  Chao  Phraya is a busy river highway with small boats to big barges and tourist cruise liners with private dining riding the waves that have seen the building of Bangkok after the capital moved from Ayutthaya. A lot has changed since then and the bank features some of the busiest business and tourist destinations in Bangkok.

    Boat Cruise Chao Phraya River Bangkok

    Boat Cruise on Chao Phraya River Bangkok

  6. Street Food and Fine Dining: Normally street food and fine dining are not typed in same sentence but not in Thailand.From  some  of  the  swankiest restaurants offering Thai, Italian, Indian, Sushi, Chinese and many other cuisines, whole of Thailand is a street food heaven, especially if you are into sea food and other non vegetarian dishes. But vegetarians like  me  can also find enough choices to keep them happy.

    Fine Dining The Library Koh Samui

    Fine Dining in Thailand : Spring Rolls served in style at the Library Koh Samui 

  7.  Shopping: Thailand is known for it big malls as well as street markets, and it is fun to bargain hunt on the streets, as well as great deals on high street brands in the malls.  I too indulged in some retail therapy on the streets of Bangkok  as  well  as  in  Koh  Samui and sure would recommend a few things to buy from Thailand in an upcoming post. Till then check this picture from one of the many street markets in Thailand.

    A monk in street market Bangkok

    A young monk checking some goods on streets of Bangkok

  8.  Stay at Finest Hotels: Though Thailand has options for all budgets, we stayed in some really nice properties. Just to give a sample here is a  picture  of  my  room  in  Anantara Riverside Resort   in Bangkok,  overlooking  the  Chao  Phraya River.

  9.  World Heritage Sites: From the temples of Ayutthaya to, Wat Arun, the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha  Complex   in   Bangkok  we   visited   some  really  awe inspiring world heritage sites. Thai government manages these sites and most of them are very well maintained with proper facilities for tourists like guides, audio tracks in different languages, restrooms etc. Point to remember: Most heritage sites in Thailand are places of worship and  you  need  to  dress  appropriately  respecting the local customs.

    Wat Yai Chai Mongkol Temples of Ayutthaya

    Wat Yai Chai Mongkol is one of the oldest temples in Ayutthaya

  10. Loi   Krathong   Celebrations: My most amazing experience  of  this  trip   was  celebrating  Loi  Krathong or the festival of lights  on  the   banks  of  Chao  Phraya River and watching the celebrations with hundreds of other expats and Thais in a grand ceremony. While a detailed post on the same is sure to follow-up, here is a picture that I clicked  on  the  banks  of  Chao  Phraya of the  fire  works  as  part  of  the  Loi  Krathong celebrations.  Loi  Krathong is one of the most mesmerizing festivals anywhere in the world and the festivities in Bangkok are very special with  illuminated   boats  cruising   the   Chao  Phraya or the River of Kings taking you to a different world.

    Loi Krathong Fire works Bangkok Thailand

    Fireworks for Loi Krathong celebrations in  Bangkok Thailand on Chao Phraya overlooking Wat Arun


So dear reader brace yourself on an Amazing journey to Thailand from beaches, to fine dining to many more things in the week to come.  Do share your comments and check my earlier post on giveaway for readers of desi Traveler blog.  You can win a 2016 calendar with 12 pictures clicked by your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler.


I was invited to Amazing Thailand by TAT New Delhi



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  1. I would love to visit the place again! Great reading your experience.

  2. Great post 🙂

  3. Wow! Super pics 🙂 Wonderful travel story!
    Nice that you were invited by them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Greetings from Philippines.
    Great list. I have been to Thailand 6 times and none (except one FAM trip) of them was less than 15 days. You can guess my love for the country. 🙂

    I liked the night shot very much. Make it part of your calendar. 🙂

  5. I have never been there and your pictures are quite tempting Prasad.
    It must quite an experience to visit a country with such a diverse list of things to do!!

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