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Hornbill Festival on December 2017  Calendar Wallpaper

Can you believe this December 2017 is already here & we will soon be welcoming  2018 !!  I have heard about time flying but here it seems to be in Warp Mode going through intergalactic space. Ah! But December also brings us the colorful Hornbill Festival in Kohima Nagaland. While the capital city Kohima is a modern hill town with all the exact same problems that the Simlas, Nainitals & Ootys of the world face. It is the annual congregation of the Naga Tribes in the Naga Heritage Village Kisama, 12 KM outside Kohima that makes Kohima the hot destination in December every year.  Built on the land of two neighboring villages Kigwema (KI) and Phesama(SA) the KISAMA Heritage village is the ” GO TO ” place during December month & in case you are wondering ” MA” in the Naga languages ( and there are many ) mean Village hence the name KISAMA. Thank God for Uncle Google & Wikipedia aunty, what would we do without them? Ok, the point is not if Wikipedia is feminine or masculine gender the point is that I wanted to make sure that we have matching energies, Yin & Yang. OK, happy? Should we move forward to the December 2017 Desktop Wallpaper that is all yours for a free download and also to share with your friends and family with compliments from your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler.

As this is not a comprehensive post about Hornbill Festival let me just summarise that during the Hornbill Festival the Naga Tribes from different parts of Nagaland come together and celebrate the Hornbill festival proudly showcasing their cultural heritage. The idea was to bring all the Naga tribes on a single platform and also encourage tourism sector, which has one of the highest potentials to generate employment for local people. The Hornbill festival is named after the Hornbill bird that is revered by all Naga tribes. Now coming to this December 2017 Wallpaper Image that is adorning the December 2017 Calendar then this is an image of one of the many tribes that come for the Hornbill Festival. Can you guess which tribe is this? Well from tomorrow I am starting a series on my Instagram about Hornbill Festival and you will get the answer there.

Naga Tribals Hornbill Festival December 2017 Calendar Download

Hornbill Festival on desi Travel Calendar for December 2017

How to download the FREE December 2017 Calendar Wallpaper?

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  1. What a lovely smile 🙂

  2. I have read quite a lot on Hornbill festival from fellow Indian bloggers. It’s kind of I know more than bit about it. And your image will be such a memory on your part. Perfect shot.

  3. What a charming picture! The idea behind the hornbill festival sounds like a great way of celebration too.

  4. Such a beautiful capture with your characteristic wit!

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