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 2015 Calendar give away for readers, Facebook Fans  and Twitter followers


Dear Readers the annual desi Traveler Calendar give away is back. Not that it has been running for years, but considering that desi Traveler blog with the current name is only 2 years old, the giveaway has been around for 50% of the life of the blog. OK enough of juggling with statistics to prove a point let us straight go to the 2015 Calendar giveaway for readers of desi Traveler.

To get your own personalized desi Calendar 2015 all you need to do is browse through desi Traveler blog and pick any two or more pics that you would like in your calendar. You can pick upto 12 pics for your calendar and if your name comes in the lucky draw I will ship your own personalized calendar to your address with the pictures of your choice.

Laxman Sagar Resort Pali Rajasthan

Laxman Sagar Zanana Mahal reflection in Pool

So here are the steps to get your own 2015 Calendar giveaway from your friendly neighborhood desi Traveler

  • Use the Rafflecopter application below and like desi Traveler on Facebook and follow on twitter.

  • Comment  about the pictures you would like in your calendar.

e.g  if you like the 12th picture in the Lakshman Sagar in Rajasthan  post, and 4th picture in Varanasi evening Aarti post then  simply mention in comments

  •  I like the 12th pic  of Zanana Mahal reflection in pool from Lakshman Sagar post for my desi Calendar 2015
  • I like the 4th pic – priest with large lamp from the Varanasi  evening Aarti post for my desi Calendar 2015.

Off course you need not like the very same pics or use the exact language I mention but you get the gist

And so on, you can mention upto 12 pics as there are only 12 months in calendar.

The pics that will be mentioned by maximum number of people will be selected for the #desiCalendar  2015 and the winners will receive the same by courier once they share their address with me.

Once you have put in the comment please ensure you like desi Traveler on Facebook and follow desiTraveler on Twitter and tweet about the same. You can do all the follow using the Rafflecopter application embedded in the blog post below.

So to summarize how to win your personalized  2015 Calendar with pictures clicked by desi Traveler : 

  1. Browse desi Traveler blog and choose pictures you would like on your #desiCalendar 2015
  2. Give the names of the pics you like in the comments below. Minimum 2 pics and max 12 pics of your liking
  3. Like desi Traveler on Facebook and follow desi Traveler on Twitter.
  4. Tweet about the giveaway to your followers.
  5. You can visit every day and tweet to increase your chances of getting the giveaways.
  6. Prizes: 3 desi Calendars 2015,

You can check the giveaway for desi Calendar 2014 and also the winners for desi 2014 Calendar here.

All the best, and feel free to ask me any questions using the comments for below or tweet to me about the same.


  1. Do I have to buy anything: No you don’t have to buy anything to participate in this giveaway
  2. What is the catch? Well I love my readers and this contest is for the followers on twitter and Facebook you if you already follow that’s a lot, if not it is never too late.
  3. Time lines: Give away begins on 1st November 2014, ends on 7th December 2014. Results out by 10th of December.  Winners informed same day by various channels like Facebook, email and twitter.  The calendars shipped latest by 15th of December to reach winners to welcome a Happy New Year 2015
  4. I have commented but I cannot see my comments. The comments are hidden till manually approved so don’t worry be happy your comment is saved and will be visible soon 🙂

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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🙂 🙂 🙂

  29 Responses to “desi Traveler 2015 Calendar Giveaway”

Comments (29)
  1. This will be the best picture for the calender.

  2. i like all pictures from kerala and rajasthan laxmansagar

  3. I like the butter fly picture.

  4. Right on top of my mind are pics from Lakshman Sagar. All of them — of the buildings and the colourful interiors. And now I’m in love with those adorable Thai elephants. (who wouldn’t like a calendar with all those pachyderms in them?)

  5. Great post!
    Have a nice week end!
    Photographer Gil Zetbase

  6. Good idea! 🙂

  7. 1. I like 7th Picture from your Kerala album for my desi Calendar 2015
    2. I like 4th Picture from your Qutub Shahi Tombs album for my desi Calendar 2015
    3. I like 9th picture from your Charminar During Ramzan album for my desi Calendar 2015
    4. I like 7th pictur from your Baby Elephant album for my desi Calendar 2015
    5. I like 3rd and 7th picture from your Faces album for my desi calendar 2015

    Here we go, Lovely pictures Prasad 🙂

  8. I like the 8th pic “Sun caught in the net: A Sunset to remember in Fort Kochi” of post Sunset over Chinese Fishing Nets Cochin for my desi Calendar 2015

  9. Great initiative! Sharing this in Twitter!
    As I am not using FB, can’t like your FB acct & hence not eligible to win though 🙂

  10. Are last year’s winners eligible to participate? 😉

  11. Hi, for my calendar, i need all the picts from Kerala. Choice is yours.

  12. Aur Mere Liye Kya Desi !! (And What for Me desi!!) 🙂

  13. I like the 12th pic –Magical sunset at chiseled pool of Lakshman Sagar

  14. There are so many pics that selecting 12 is unfair. 🙂
    I am happy with your choice.

    All the best.

  15. Nice initiative Prasad.
    Somehow I hate rafflecopter giveaways so would stay away ffrom this one… may be I’ll try to find some other way to get your desi calendar 😉
    All the best with your campaign… surely many would be interested.

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