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Winners of the Twitter Selfie Contest on desi Traveler

Dear Readers, let me begin by thanking all of you for reading, sharing and participating in the twitter contest on desi Traveler for our citizens who voted in the Elections 2014.  I am thankful to those of you also who could not take part in the contest as you did not took a selfie or  your ink was gone, but were still kind enough to share the contest on their social media. The results for election 2014 are out and in next few days, the new Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and his team will take the oath to the most coveted office in the country. I wish them the very best and success in making India a better country than it is today.

Before we announce the results let me also thank our Judge Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh who painstakingly went through every single entry and chose the winners.  In his own words,

 I chose based on good composition, expression, idea and their expression after voting among the available images. 


Some of the images were not accepted either due to not following the rules of the contest.

So here are the winners in the reverse order

No 5 is  Richa who tweets at @MumbaiMuggle 

mumbai muggle

Richa tweets @MumbaiMuggle

No 4 is  Heena who tweets as ‏@heenadhedhi

heena dhedhi

Heena Dhedhi tweets ‏@heenadhedhi

No 3 is Pratibha Singh ‏@pratibhabiochem   

Pratibha Singh Ungli pe dot toh aap hot

Pratibha Singh also gave a cool caption: Ungli pe dot toh aap hot. tweets @pratibhabiochem 

No 2 is  Abhay Kumar ‏@abhaydgr  

Abhay Kumar Election  2014 Selfi

Abhay Kumar: My vote, my choice for better INDIA

No 1 is  Satpal Sharma ‏@satpalsharma

Satpal Sharma

Satpal Sharma tweets @satpalsharma                   

I will reach out to the winners by twitter and announce the same on facebook also through the blog. Satpal will get a cool customized desi Traveler Mug and Fridge Magnet with pictures clicked in Kerala.  Abhay will get the Coffee mug, and the others will receive personalized  Fridge magnets with Kerala Pictures.

But this post will not be complete till I thank  a very special participant ( not contestant) and somebody whose blog is an inspiration to all of us novices out there. A very special thanks to Mridula Dwivedi, who on my special request not only sent her election selfie but also promoted the contest on her twitte@mridulad 

Here is the picture that she shared on my personal request to her and tweeted it, that encouraged many others to take part in the twitter contest and share their pictures.

Travel Blogger Mridula Dwivedi

Many thanks to Mridula Dwivedi @mridulad for supporting the contest

Well that brings me to the end of this post thanks to all the participants, my fellow bloggers  who shared it further, the Judge Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh and all the readers of desi Traveler.  Here is another photo contest that we did on desi Traveler for calender of 2014, and here is another one in support of Rang de, the micro finance organization that uses power of net for crowdfunding rural entrepreneurs.

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  1. Thank you for such a kind mention! It made my day.

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