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3 Winners of the 2014 Calendar Giveaway

Let me begin by thanking all those who participated in the 2014 Calendar giveaway from desi Traveler. It was a very simple lucky draw, not even a contest, all you had to do was like desi Traveler on Facebook, and simply mention in comment any 2 or more pictures that you would like on your 2014 calender from desi Traveler blog.

It was a good experience and I  myself learned a lot on how to organize a contest. Regular desis will remember this was the second contest on desi Traveler, the first was in support of Rang De the  not for profit micro finance organization that I support and some time volunteer too.

So before we give away the winners  here are some of the pictures that winners in the contest want on their 2014 Calendar

Oriental Garden Lizard

I am watching you: An Oriental Garden lizards surveys around


Hidden Grand Canyon

The Hidden Grand Canyon

Taramati Baradari in Evening lights

Arches of Taramati Baradari in Evening lights

Scarface Prince tiger Bandipur

You get a few scars while winning your stripes

Gloria Lily: State Flower of Tamil Nadu

Gloria Lily State Flower of Tamil Nadu

I am just giving a few of the pictures that will appear in the 2014 desi Traveler Calender, so that there is some surprise for the winners on receiving their calendars.  So now without much suspense let me disclose the 3 winners, who were chosen by an automated process through Rafflecopter application.  Below is the screen shot for the same:

2014 Calendar Pictures

Winners of 2014 desi Traveler Calender

Of  the three winners Dee Nambiar is an awesome blogger and you can check her travel blog Tipsy From the Trip here, Rahul Basu is a photographer and his portfolio can be checked here, Abhinav Saxena is a student studying computer science. All three of them are regular visitors to desi traveler.  I am emailing them with the details and once I receive their address, I will ship the printed calendar to their home.  I  wish them and all desi Traveler readers a very happy and prosperous 2014.  Once again many thanks to all those who participated in the contest and read desi Traveler blog regularly. If you would like to receive desi Traveler in your mail box ( 100%  spam free guarantee), then please click here to subscribe to desi Traveler.

  12 Responses to “Winners of 2014 Calendar Picture Contest”

Comments (12)
  1. Nice Pics…Great Work….

    Folks, If you are interested in kids photography this blog may help–

  2. Great pics-never seen a lizard in such detail.

  3. Congratulations to all the winners. They chose the cream of your photos. 🙂

    It’s a great idea to make a calendar by letting the winners select your pictures.

    Would love to see the whole calendar once it’s published.

  4. Congrats to winners. Wonderful shots for the calendar.

  5. Loved them all, the arches a little more than everything else. Looks like I have to visit Hyderabad soon to see those arches!

  6. Wow!! Seriously? I’m generally not this ‘lucky’. Thank you for putting up this giveaway. It would be really great to have some of your best pics on a calendar. This calendar is definitely going to be with me way past 2014. 🙂

    Thank you so much, Prasad.

  7. Thank you Prasad sir… honoured!

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