Nov 112011
small insect on flowers
The Bug And The Buds 

I recently visited the Botanical Garden in Kondapur, Hyderabad with a group of click happy shutterbugs; the walk was organized by TCPC or Twin City Photography Club.



Adenium Obesum flower desert rose
Adenium Flowers
The botanical garden itself is spread in acres and is lush green with mesmerizing flora; it also has a water garden with a central fountain and ducks swimming in the pond.  There is also a deep artificial lake dug on one side to store rain water and is now frequented by various migratory birds.
phases of life of flower
Cycle Of Life
beautiful flower with honey bee
Honey In The Making
The back of the garden is being encroached for various so-called fun activities by land mafia in the name of the development. Anyways this blog is not about the land mafia and their nefarious activities.
Our group leader Abijith Ittyeapally was very helpful and was explaining various techniques to take pictures to each one of us. His inputs were really useful and I learned many new things on how to be a better photographer. 
The plan was to explore the botanical garden and take pictures in various parts of the garden, but trust me we were so mesmerized by the flora that we could not cover the first 2 section of the garden. All we did was cover the beginning even before the main garden begins and the Cactus and Succulent garden, such is the beauty of the flowers in the garden that once we started clicking on the pictures it was difficult for us to move ahead and soon it was not bright enough to take pictures. But we were able to get some decent shots.
My pictures are here in the post but to check pictures from other people please visit this link:
Overall it was a very successful trip and anybody who wants to spend some good time with their dear ones can visit the botanical garden. The beautiful pictures you can take is a bonus.


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  1. Thanks a lot Geeta and Miss Lego

  2. Awww those pictures are great. That adventure is nice pal, enjoy! I am enjoyng those great photos.

  3. beautiful pictures,thanks for sharing.

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