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Dilli Timelapse Video

Dilli Timelapse by Anurag Jetly and team

Dilli Timelapse: The most awesome video you will see about Saddi  Delhi

One of the biggest draw of travel is you meet some really Awesome people, and I mean Awesome with a big A. I met one such awesome guy during my  Road Trip to Kumaon , Anurag Jetly was traveling with us and his aim was to spread the joys of photography. Now Anurag is one of those guys who breathe, eat, dream and talk only photography. His passion of photography is totally infectious.  Anurag has been working on various projects like capturing Time Lapses in Himalayas, movie sets making of one of the major movie due for release soon. ( It will be the biggest movie of the year I think this much hint should be enough ).

But one of his most wonderful work was what I saw on his laptop a labor of love, his Timelapse of Dilli ( yes Delhi is Dilli for those who love Saddi Dilli ) . He has spent countless days in sun, rain, cold going to parts of Dilli and capturing her in camera one frame at a time.  Just to give some idea to make a Timelapse of a minute you capture frames for a few hours.  But this Dilli In Timelapse by Anurag was captured over months, capturing festivals, sunsets, sunrises, people, monuments shadows. He had to go after government officials to get permission and at times even give Dharna on their gate when they refused to meet him. Such was his and his teams dedication to capture Dilli in Timelapse.  Watch Dilli Timelapse as it takes you through the Streets of  Old Delhi, shows you grandeur of  Lutyens Delhi the converges around Rashtrapati Bhavan and India Gate  and captures Delhi Heritage in Mehrauli  as Qutub Minar grows in frame over a day. Before I say anything further take a deep breath and watch the video that takes you to a visual delight called Dilli 🙂

The video Shot over 3 months across 50 locations in the city of Delhi. A three member crew with 4 Nikon cameras, shot 150,000 stills (roughly 9 TB of data).

Although Anurag does not need any introduction but for formalities sake here is a bit about him:

Anurag Jetly is a visual artist who specialises in Timelapse photography, 360 degree panoramas and filmmaking. I have worked widely in the field of generating nonfiction content for television channels in India. My last assignment was with the National Geographic Channel where I was heading the local content for NGC and Fox Traveller. I love to explore the mountains and have trekked extensively in the holy ranges of the Himalayas.

Feel free to share this post with those who love Dilli or Delhi and even those who have no idea what an awesome place Delhi is because once they see ” Dilli Timelapse Video’, they will fall in love with Delhi. Thanks a lot Anurag for  sharing this video with readers of desi Traveler.

You can follow Anurag’s work on his site Anurag Jetly

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  1. Brilliant work Arun !

  2. Wow!! that must have been a lot of work!

    That’s an Awesome (with a capital A:) ) ensemble of time lapse videos, Anurag.

    Prasad I don’t know if its just for me but it looks like a part of the video window is cut (on the right side), like it happens when the left col. is not too wide. But it doesn’t take the magic off that splendid video, I must say. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks Divya.. it could be machine / phone specific issue, I am finding my blog is not loading properly on i-phone and apple machines.. let me check. The video is fine as I watched it myself thanks

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