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  marhaba has truly been able to turn their service into an art form for their competition winners.

Recently marhaba services held a contest and 3 winning families received a surprise welcome at the airport. Check out  this video that was made as the families put on a marhaba  surprise welcome as their loved ones reached the airport.

Each heartwarming story shows the love and a glimpse of life of the people in it. One of which is an Indian gentlemen, looking to make create a special moment for someone in his life. Another surprise features a Filipino family wanting to express their love to a member of their family and a young Arab woman who wants to surprise her significant other. 

You should see the joy and happiness on each of the surprised guest as they relish in the love and attention showered on them.

Check the video below to see how “marhaba” brought smiles and joy in life of these wonderful people.

Just imagine you have taken a long distance flight, you land in a foreign country after hours of being cramped in airplane looking forward to see your friends, family or to your business meetings.

But as a frequent traveler I know what really happens in most cases. After I get down from plane, clear immigration, collect my baggage I am totally tired and just looking forward to reach my hotel or home. But those things are still far away for I need to find a cab to reach my destination. 

Would it not be wonderful if you could receive a warm welcome at the airport ?

BTW if you are wondering what is the meaning of marhaba  then it is means “welcome” in Arabic. What could be a more appropriate welcome or marhaba for your guests when they travel to Dubai or Bahrain and after a tiring flight they receive a friendly “marhaba surprise” welcome at the Airport.

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  4 Responses to “You won’t believe what marhaba did for these lucky travelers!”

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  1. Now they certainly take the welcome to another league 😀

  2. That is a cool concept, who wouldn’t want a warm welcome like that.

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