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My experience of clicking Super Blood Moon in India

Moon is our closest neighbor and satellite.  Moon is also the heavenly body in space where humans traveled to in a spaceship, so I guess I can write about Moon on my travel blog:). I write this post with great disappointment as I could not get the pictures I wanted.  The bigger reason for disappointment is not because I could not get pictures but because I did not research properly before going out to click on pictures.

You see I was happy with the pictures I clicked of the last Blood Moon in India and got complacent. While I was not too happy with the quality of pictures, but I was smiling that I have clicked the pictures of blood moon and shared the joy of watching the blood moon with some of the kids in our neighborhood. So last evening I prepared for watching the super blood moon that was to come on the morning of 28th September 2015.  I checked the website of NASA and other space observatories around the world and then checked our local sky. Everything was clear and I called building security head and requested him to keep the terrace opened at 5 in the morning so that we can click the pictures in the morning.

This is where I made the biggest and the most basic mistake any photographer with some knowledge of photographing celestial bodies should never make. You see moon, sun, star galaxies are all restless in the cosmos, they are continuously moving and I totally forgot to take that in consideration.

And what a costly mistake it was. But before we go further please check these earlier posts and pictures about

These posts will give you some idea about my moon obsession and why I am cursing myself for not doing enough research for clicking pictures of Super Blood Moon. Let me tell the story of Super Blood Moon in Pictures

Super Blood Moon

I spent first 15 minutes fiddling with setting and composition of pictures

Super Blood Moon Close up

Once I got the hang of settings to click Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon Pictures

But to get scale I needed the building in frame, hence zoomed out the Super Blood Moon

Super Blood Moon

Not knowing what the moon and building had conspired against poor desi photographer 🙁

Super Blood Moon

It was now I remembered that moon or Super Blood Moon, it moves in Sky

This was the time I released that moon or Super Blood Moon, it moves in the sky and the building that was part of my frame was soon to become obstacle to click pictures of Super Blood Moon. 

Super Blood Moon

Soon the Super Bloody Moon was planning to hide behind the building

Super Blood Moon

Just as the Super Moon got bloody and the eclipse began it started vanishing behind the building

Super Blood Moon

Soon the Super Blood Moon was gone, and next will come in 2033

So while I was able to click pictures of Super Blood Moon, I could not get a single picture of the eclipse as by the time the eclipse began the moon was hidden behind this building.  Only if I had done some more research and noted down the path of the moon, I could have simply gone to a friend’s house who lives in a 20th-floor penthouse or could have simply gone to city outskirts and clicked pictures from an open field. But now  I can only curse myself and wait for 2034 when again this Super Blood Moon phenomenon will happen. But if I am alive that far off in future, I will be a cranky old man.  But as always I have never accepted defeat, so to try to live till 2033 I have decided to adopt a more healthy lifestyle and start running/walking/ eating healthy. 2033 wait for me, for we have a date with the next Super Blood Moon. You never know I may go to Spiti as it has one of the darkest skies I had ever seen and you can watch milky way with naked eyes in Spiti. You are welcome to join me 🙂 Until then dear readers check this post on Guarding with some absolutely amazing pictures of Super Blood Moon. You can also visit NASA for some minute by minute coverage that they broadcast live about Super Blood Moon.

The equipment used for clicking the Super Blood Moon was

The most important accessory in this pursuit to click pictures of Blood Moon was:

1. My Sturdy Manfrotto Tripod

2. Remote Camera Trigger

3. Nikon D 7000 Camera

4. 55-300 mm VR Nikon Zoom Lens.

 Latest Update: The last  Supermoon I clicked was on 14th November 2016, but due to excessive fog, by the time the moon appeared on the horizon it was way high in the sky and not that large so I am only sharing one picture here.

Supermoon in polluted Delhi

Pollution takes a toll on Supermoon in Delhi

More images from the Supermoon of 14 November 2014 can be seen on Facebook in this Album: Supermoon November 2016

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  1. Some breath-taking pictures here! Moon always fascinates me (it calms me) and glad that you captured this side of the moon (Angry red :P) . Wonderful pictures and write-up! 🙂

  2. Still some excellent photos here! I like your use of the building for perspective and to make the photos interesting.

  3. So what if I was too busy too sleepy and missed the blood moon. All I had to do is browse through your clicks and sigh in wonderment.

  4. Disappointed mat ho Sir. Aap 2033 mei bhi pictures click kr paoge pakka.
    I enjoyed reading the post and looking through the pictures because its one honest write up. You tried, you missed on a few things and still u made the best of what you managed. And of course for a novice photographer like me, the pictures are great.

  5. Amazing, Awesome clicks

  6. Oh, I love the pictures of your bloody moon – What a spectacular beauty! I find a lot of allure in the play of hiding and seeking too. Amazing pictures!!

  7. The pictures are stunning! Can imagine you are miffed to have missed the eclipse… but these are awesome too!!!

  8. Lovely pictures but I am disappointed with you on this, as you could not get the eclipse pictures. There is always a next time and more learning.

  9. Awesome images and lovely narrative..! 🙂 . TFS…

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