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Comic Con Pictures

So as planned we visited Comic Con today, there was a serpentine line waiting to enter the venue in Hitex Exhibition Center. (I have never been able to fathom how a line can be serpentine, because if it is serpentine it cannot be a line!) Finally we gained entry after giving my name, email, phone number, I wonder how many junk mail and cold calling agents are getting ready to bombard me with everything from snake oil to height increasing pills? But I was still glad they did not ask for my blood group and finger prints.

Any ways once inside Comic Con we were lost in the crowd, secretly hoping that some superhero will come and rescue us. But in place of superhero we soon found this blood thirsty Zombie cum Joker who was only interested in sucking the life out of us. We ran away and stumbled in this guy who had a face of pins, he had no interest in saving us from the zombies, and could have been one of them.

Joker Zombie Comic Con India

Joker or Zombie You decide- I to just ran away..

comic con India

Pin head ? Comic Con India

In all this hulla gulla we found some sense when we reached a Kiosk with wall hangings of cartoons of that famous son of Goa Mario Miranda. ( I am a big fan and we have some of his cartoons printed on ceramic tiles as show pieces in our home that we got in Goa)

Cartoons by Mario Miranda

Cartoons by Mario Miranda

While running from Zombies I saw some familiar words on a T Shirt- “ Irani Chai, Osmania Biscuits” the two less famous but equally  authentic culinary delights from Old Hyderabad like  Biryani. This T Shirt turned out to be brain child of a young Hyderabadi entrepreneur  Raviteja Govindaraju  and who run online retail shop Folktales selling cool stuff with slogans and sayings about mana Hyderabad.

Irani Chai at Comic Con

Irani Chai at Comic Con

Comic Con T Shirts

Raviteja- Literally wears his art

Here is a sample: “ Seedha Jao, Biryani Khao, Kiraak Raho”, you need to call one of your Hyderabadi friend to get the essence of same.
So Comic Con was not just about comics but also about the flavor of India and its various quirks. Another T Shirt shop that we found had quotes like
“Are you सूअर (SooUr)” a take on wrong pronouncing of Sure, converting the word into source of bacon in Hindi.

Printed T shirts comic Con

When in doubt think like Rajani- you can also do Lungi Dance

We stopped at the Amar Chitra Katha counter and bought a few sets for the kids. Soon I stumbled in to this young Superman who saved us from the Zombies chasing us. Though none of the superheroes in comic con could match up to this guy.

Superman at comic Con

Superman at Comic Con

A fun filled day with lots of excitement and watching launch of a few books and new comics. Don’t worry if you missed it I have clicked some pictures of Comic Con that you can see here.

Comic Con

Calling all to Comic Con

superman comic con India

A Grown up Superman

comic con

All kind of comics were on sale at comic con

new comic launch at comic con

A New Comic Launch At Comic Con India

superheroes and joker at comic con

Comic Con is one place where all superheroes meet

I hope these pictures have given you some idea about Comic Con India. I had a fabulous time and my kiddo was very happy though a bit tired after all the walking. But only once we got in the car I realized why she became tired and wanted to go back home, you see she could not wait to read the comics she had bought at comic con and started reading them in the car itself.  🙂

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