Sep 212013

How The World Was Shrunk By Air Travel

For a long time the world out there was a big bad world, full of dangers lurking in every corner. Air travel shrunk the world many times over as no longer one had to travel from dangerous deserts, endure rain forest or conquer the waves  taking weeks if not months to go from one place to another.

Air travel changed everything, once the first Jet planes took off going anywhere in the world became a matter of hours. Indeed today you can travel to any two airports in less than 48 hours including layovers. Initially when the airlines industry took off it was dominated by European and American carriers which mainly serviced main capitals in Europe and big cities like New York, Chicago and Miami etc in US. This left a lot of destinations in South Asia and Middle East uncovered. But as Middle East and South Asia started gaining prominence in world commerce world class airlines like Qatar airways have become popular.

Do check this video from Qatar Airways which is the official airlines for FC Barcelona the premium football club.  A football club like FC Barcelona travels around the world, and they need to play in different time zones which can take a toll on your body rhythm. That is where a 5 star airline Qatar Airways plays a crucial role, by providing perfect connections and comfortable flat bed seats where the players can relax and sleep arriving absolutely fresh to play with full energy and enthusiasm.  So next time  you are flying any where across the world take a Qatar Airways flight, and oh do keep your Boarding pass handy  you may be lucky enough to get an autograph of your favorite FC Barcelona player like Messi, Neymar or Xavi.

Whenever I am traveling to US I prefer to take a stopover in Middle East as it gives me very convenient connections. The other big advantage is that in place of 2 really long flights one from India to Europe and another from Europe to US   I have a short flight from India to Middle East and only one long flight to US. I typically work on my short flight and watch movies and sleep in the long haul flight arriving fresh in US ready for my meetings.

This Post has been sponsored by Qatar Airways, but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. Seriously I always dream of taking the Qatar Airways and visit Dubai..I even have a friend in Qatar whom I met in Bangalore..So someday I will get to travel by this Airlines.

    And really Airlines has mad the world look like a smaller place..

  2. We’ve been thinking of taking the middle east air route home, next time. I’m eagerly looking forward to that (it’s gonna be a while before that happens, tho’)

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