Mar 262014
Ayurveda Treatment: How to choose a Holistic Ayurveda Treatment Center

 How to choose an Ayurveda Treatment  Spa or Resort: Ayurveda is the oldest medicine science in the world, and was conceived, researched and practiced in India from the times of Vedas. Ayurveda means the knowledge of life. Ancient Indians researched thousands on plants, foods and discovered the medicinal plants that mother nature has gifted us. Used wisely these herbs in combination with lifestyle changes and Yoga can do wonders to your health. Although Ayurveda is practiced throughout India, it is in Kerala it is practiced in its purest and holistic form. Every resort that we visited had a holistic [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 212013
How To Increase Immunity in Kids: Nature Shows The Way

An Immune India: The Natural Way Are you worried about immunity of your kids? Well you are not alone, just follow mother nature and  you will be fine. The more natural food habits you have the more strong and immune your kids will be. Let us dwell a bit further in to the topic. A few days ago I wrote about our visit to the Nature Farm to see how our food is grown without using any artificial chemical like pesticides etc. While we were taking a walk in the Mango Orchards and herb gardens, our host Ram Babu [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 032013
Aahaar Kuteer Begumpet-The Millet Restaurant

The Magic of Millets at Aahaar Kuteer Begumpet We visited Aahaara Kuteer a very unique restaurant in Begumpet Hyderabad. In this age of French Fries, Double Sundae and 2 liter coke bottles it takes a true entrepreneur to start a restaurant that is based on Millets. Millet what? You may ask if you are like most city folk whose staple diet is made of Pizza, Pasta and butter Naan all product of refined wheat flour or Maida. With no fiber to aid digestion and add bulk to your food the super refined flour is responsible to a large extent [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]