Apr 082014
The Frog and The Princess: A Fairy tale told again

The Princess who saved a frog:  A Modern day fairy tale Once upon a time there was a little girl, her mother called her “Sona” her granny called her “Guddo”, and her dad called her “Princess” Of all the names the little girl loved was “ Princess”, everything else for her was immaterial, so she always failed to react  when somebody called her with one of her other names.  “ Guddo, lower the volume of your TV, I am praying”…. Granny will scream, but Guddo would be busy being Princess, in a fairy tale of her own. “Sona,  drink [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

May 052012
Save Peerancheru Lake - An initiative by PBEL City Residents

 How Residents of PBEL City Got Together to Clean The Peerancheru Lake While your lazy bones Desi Traveler was struggling to get out of bed on Saturday morning, some of the environmentally conscious  residents of PBEL City decided to get up early on a weekend and clean the Peerancheru lake to bring back its pristine glory. The lake that has a good population of water birds like Ducks, Egrets, Pond Heron, Painted Stork, Kingfishers etc. But unfortunately due to pollution and dumping of waste it has become dirty. Well not any more today morning more than 10 of our residents and some staff [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]