Apr 022015
YES ! I Visited Jordan and Love To Tell The Tale !!!

  Safety,  Food & other Travel Experiences  about Visiting Jordan The moment I said “I am going to Jordan” Almost everyone who heard it crooned collectively “Why are you going to Jordan? Is it safe to go there?” “Well I will never know till I go and visit Jordan”, was my stoic reply in every single case. “But it is so close to Syria, where all those things are happening” While I am no Livingstone, I do love visiting new places and I have never been to Jordan except with Peter O’Toole, and later with Harrison Ford in their [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Feb 252012

desi Goes for Half Day Tour of Hong Kong What is it with travel that makes you addicted? Is it the new places you discover? Or is it the small treasures you keep on accumulating from one flea market in a distant town to another? Or is it the bragging rights one gets for the number of vivid stamps on the passport? Or is it the collage of photos clicked by strangers for you that gives one high that can beat the evening tipple? Well, I guess it is all or a mixture of all of them.  For me [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]