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Guess what we have for the October 2017 desi Traveler digest?

Autumn colors in Kashmir India

Fall in Kashmir – pic by Chandroma Ray


The October 2017 desi Travel digest is here and once again we have some beautiful images from around the world. Good to see many international travelers also sharing their images and many of the veteran desi Travelers have also continued to share their images for desi Travel digest. I have tried to keep a healthy balance of new as well as repeat travelers as both are welcome to participate in the monthly travel digest.

As I am currently running a series on Ladakh on my own Instagram account the first image comes from the moonscape of Ladakh, this is such a beautiful image that it was picked at first sight kind of a case and since I am anyways showcasing Ladakh on my Instagram it was also an easy one to pick. ( wink wink those of you planning to submit images get a hint ? ) . The image is clicked by Pia Coester and she has a great collection of images from Ladakh on her Instagram. Check them out.


The second image is from Ritu Sushila Krishan a proud Haryanvi as per her Instagram profile and she shares some images from the magnificent Mehrangarh Fort. Just like the big mustaches and colorful clothes Forts of Rajasthan are a specialty of Rang Rangeelo Rajasthan and you are never more than a stone’s throw from a fort in Rajasthan.
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Forts of India No list about the forts of India can be complete without Mehrangarh fort, a colossal edifice towering over the Blue City of Jodhpur. Its red sandstone structures that once housed-the blue-bloods to Rajasthan stand testimony to the grandeur of a bygone era. Mehrangarh, citadel of Sun, is rightly named so as the architectural marvel perched atop a 125-m-long hill looks like an ode to the fiery god. The construction of the formidable fort was sanctioned by the founder of Jodhpur, Rao Jodha in 15th century. His successive generations continued to add structure to the sprawling fort that spreads across 5 km. The fort is the standing proof of the might of the Rathore clan of Rajputs. In the days of the yore the royals of the city habited this magnificent structure, the laughter of their bejewelled women can still be felt in the spacious courtyards and the intricately carved windows still seem to be hiding their beautiful faces. The fort begins with Jaypol or the victory gate is from where the fort starts it marks the victory of Maharaja Man Singh, the city’s sovereign of the 19th century, over Jaipur and Bikaner. Jaypol has the handprints of the wives of the Maharaja Man Singh who can had committed sati, the ancient Hindu practice of wives immolating themselves on the pyre of their husband. This is the right time to visit Jodhpur as Marwar festival will be celebrated on full moon night. Jodhpur also hosts International Folk Festival and Kite festival. #fortsofindia #Jodhpur #Mehrangarhfort Rajasthan Tourism Incredible India #travel #travelblogger #historyofindia #gypsieatlarge #bhogijogi #storiesofindia #photographers #indiapictures #desitraveler #mypixeldiary #incredibleindia

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 From Rajasthan let us go to the city of Joy and look at the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata, clicked and shared by traveler couple Amrita and Agniswar who go by the name Talesof2Backpackers.   I have myself walked in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata many times but have never been in.  Well, I can only thank Amrita & Agniswar to remind me the same and I have my priority sorted for the next visit to Kolkata.
In the next image, Sakshi Rajat shares this quintessential touristy image from Chariot Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram. Without getting into the debate of whether one should ride animals or not let me say only this many a time the purpose of a travel blogger/writer/journalist is to also document and report what is happening and present is as it is without passing any judgment.
Our next image features Rosenborg Castle Copenhagen in Denmark and is shared by this wonderful traveler couple Mei and Kerstin, and I strongly urge you not only to Travel with Mei and Kerstin but also to read their beautiful story here. BTW did I ever told you for some very stupid reason I had to cancel my plans to visit Copenhagen many years ago at the very last moment and I still curse myself for that 🙁
Although there were many beautiful images from first-time participants in the desi Traveler digest, I just could not resist sharing these images from our regular participants of desi Traveler digest.
The first image from this collection is by one of our early participants Vijayakriti & Paresh, and they share an image from Kaas Pleatue, which I was to visit in September but could not due to heavy rains. I am sure you are getting a feeling that desi traveler digest is becoming a showcase of places I long to visit or have missed visiting. In my defense, it is more of the skill of these travelers who showcase these places in such a beautiful manner that anybody would love to visit these places 🙂
Now Dipanwita again has touched a raw nerve with this beautiful image of Taj Mahal, where I have very fond memories, visiting with Wife jee and kids and many other visits ranging from my colleagues from around the world to my visit to Taj Mahal with 200 desi Travelers. Now with all kind of conspiracy theories related to Taj Mahal from it is a blot on Indian culture to removing it from UP Tourism promotion booklet and then Yogi Adityanath going there cleanliness drive, Taj Mahal has been in news for one reason or other. No matter what the reason just remember your visit to India is incomplete unless you have been to the Taj Mahal period.
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Love - The word I dislike. A notion I would rather not give in to.. . . The Taj Mahal - Symbol of love of a husband for his beloved wife... Or rather, the favorite wife... . . One look at it and I, for a fraction of second believe that may be, somewhere, in the hearts of mortal beings, exists an emotion so strong that does ask for a leap of faith.. However; may be, this emotion isn't meant for everybody.. . May be... . #tajmahal #agra #india #wanderlust #wanderers #uttarpradesh #traveldiaries #travelindia #natgeotravellerindia #lonelyplanetindia #trippyowl#instatravel #GTGI #yourshot_india #solotraveler #desitraveler #nikonphotos #travelblogger #bbcindia #lonelyplanet #natgeotravel #unescoworldheritage

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I just love this next image shared by veteran traveler Sushmita Sarkar, just look at how beautifully she has captured the serenity, dignity & wisdom, on the face of the monk silently standing waiting for alms.
One of the reasons I respect and encourage all form of travel is that it generates employment for local people at every level. Souvenir shopping is a great way to boost the local economy and when you cannot travel to a far destination what could be better to buy from local craftsmen when they visit your city for a crafts exhibition? That is exactly the well-traveled Jayanti Pandey did when she met this potter from Kutch region of Gujarat. Just look at the colorful pottery some of the designs I guess may go back to the Indus Valley Civilization that had a major presence in part of what we call Gujarat.
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There are people and then there are those from Kutch. Somehow I have the greatest affinity with craftsmen of that region. Perhaps because my first travels were to Kutch and some of my longest lasting relationships with craftsmen have been with the ones I've met in Kutch. #TerraFest2017 brought a variety of #earthenware at their exhibition and I had the good fortune to meet one of the potters I'd last met in #Khavda. A fine gentleman, soft spoken, hardworking and with a great eye for detail, my Kumhar friend was sorry he did not have much to show me amongst his products. I, on the other hand, was happy that Delhi had treated him well and that he'd done good business. ------------------------ #one_life_to_travel #curatingtheoffbeat #zarahatke #exhibition #festive #terracotta #delhi #kutch #pottery #igersgujarat #kutchdiaries #portraits #faces #incredibleindia #handicraft #event #bakedclay #sodelhi #whatsupdelhi #delhigram #delhi_igers #desi_diaries #desitraveler #trelltaledelhi

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Our next 3 images are from our friends across the border from Pakistan and I am so glad that desi Travelers from Pakistan are participating in this little travel digest that I am trying to curate monthly. While the first image is by  Qaiser Farid,  the next 2 images are from Nadiya Najib.  I was first a bit confused with the name Nadiya and thought it to be Nadiya like a river in Hindi, but when I realized the images are from Pakistan then I did some more research. But I still I like the fact that her name can also mean a river or Nadiya in Hindi, though in the original European / Slavic origins it means Hope and old-timers will remember the first Super Heroine of Bollywood was called Nadiya on screen – Suggested reading – 75 Years of Indian Cinema by Feroze Rangoonwala. Just go through the images shared by Qaiser & Nadiya and your perception about Pakistan will alter 🙂 and you too will thank them for sharing these beautiful images from across the Wagah Border in Pakistan.
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MINI TRAVEL SERIES: Sharing some more pictures from Nilan Bhotu today. I went to this attractive place with @discoverpak about 3 years ago. It is about an hour’s drive from Pir Sohawa. There is a place of meditation called ‘Chilla Gah’ with crystal clear water ponds full of fish but fishing is not allowed by locals there. It is a great escape for a hot summer day. You can swim there in the fresh water. It is not accessible by car and a 4WD jeep is essential which can be rented out. There are breathtaking views on the back side of Margalla hills. I was standing in the open jeep and was mesmerized as I inhaled the clean fresh air and was captivated by the gorgeous landscape. I then closed my eyes to smell the aroma of nature. One must travel during the day as there is no electricity in the area and you can get lost on the way back if night falls. I will share more pictures of this place in my next post. Comfortable trainers are advised as there is a lot of walk. This day excursion is highly recommended with a good tour company. #nadiyaroams #tourismpakistan#explorepakistan #discoverpakistan#nilanbhotu #traveladdict #travelnow#weekendgetaway #travels #travelseries#amazingpakistan #instapaki #pakistani#desi #desitraveler #travelblogger#enjoylife #natgeotravel #pakistanpics#pakistaniblogger #pakistanibloggers#travelpakistan #sairkaro #punjab #kpk#islamabadthebeautiful #pirsohawa

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MINI TRAVEL SERIES: Located in Kahuta, PANJPEER ROCKS are approx 2 hours 40 minutes’ drive from Islamabad. These are among the highest and the most beautiful ridges in Kotli Sattian region. Locals believe this was a place where five saints lived hence it’s called Panjpeer. From the parking area, it is about 45 minutes trek to the top. Panjpeer rocks are full of big sized lizards. On a clear day, Panjpeer offers stunning views of mountains, rivers and nearby valleys. This place is beyond gorgeous and a must-see for travel enthusiasts. I traveled to this exotic place with @discoverpak and my most fun colleagues ever. We had the best time where we played London-stop and race-you-to-that at the edge of the rocks. We enjoyed the journey as we played ‘I spy with my little eye’, ‘clap and hit’, antakshari & dum sherad. It was the trip of a lifetime. Fully recommended! If you have been there, what are your best memories of the place? #nadiyaroams #tourismpakistan #explorepakistan #discoverpakistan #kotlisatiyan #panjpeerrocks #traveladdict #travelnow #weekendgetaway #travels #travelseries #amazingpakistan #instapaki #pakistani #desi #desitraveler #travelblogger #enjoylife #natgeotravel #pakistanpics #pakistaniblogger #pakistanibloggers #travelpakistan #ghoomophirro #sairkaro #panjpeer #kahuta #punjab

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Finally, the last image of this October 2017 desi Travel digest is also the first & cover image of this series and is shared by Chandroma Ray, who feels that one earth is not enough to travel. Just as an FYI this is the image that also won the first ever contest of ITBC Chat or Indian Travel Blogger Chat, more about which you can find by checking #ITBC hashtag on twitter and following @ITBChat on twitter a small initiative by Dr. Mridula Dwivedi,  Lakshmi Sharath, Ajay Sood and yours truly. If you are a travel blogger and want to take your blog to the next level may I humbly suggest to join #ITBC Chat every Wednesday at 8 pm IST on twitter? You can also post your questions that you want to ask beforehand in the ITBC Facebook group. As a winner of the first ITBC Chat contest, Chandroma is visiting the luxurious Pushkar Resort in Pushkar Rajasthan.

With this, we come to an end of the October edition of desi Traveler digest, but it also means that now the entries for the November 2017 editions are open and all you need to do is use #desiTraveler in your Instagram images, tag and follow me on Instagram. Happy Travels.

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  1. Nice Post N Brilliant photos, Loved the post.
    Congratulations to all.

  2. I’m tipsy just looking at these images and that time lapse video from Ladakh. I better hit bed now. 😀 Thank you, Prasad.
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  3. Brilliant photos, Loved the post.
    Congratulations to all.

  4. Beautiful images. My favourites are the Srinagar picture and the pottery picture. Simply stunning. I am terrible at taking images with people in it. Any guidelines?

    • Thanks a lot. I suggest starting with folks with whom you are comfortable and you are comfortable with them like > You family members, friends, people who enjoy being clicked ( read those who post a lot of selfies 🙂 )

  5. Awesome post! And thank you for including our photo of the Rosenborg Castle! We hope you’ll get to visit Copenhagen soon! It’s such a wonderful city.

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