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Memories of Goa in Reflections

As the mercury dips and the elusive sunlight filters through the canopy of trees, my body wants to go back to the sunny beaches of Goa and watch the reflection of the Sun taking a dip in the Arabian Sea.

But here I am in my home, trying to keep warm by guzzling endless cups of ginger tea.

So let me go back and remember the sunny Goa from 2 weeks ago where I went for a launch of Zica, the new car from Tata Motors.

I have already shared some pictures of the Zica as well as some of the fantastic bloggers I met in Goa. My favorite Goa moment remains meeting the rambunctious kids on the beach as they frolicked in the water, oblivious to the world around them.

As we moved around in Goa besides clicking pictures of the greenery and the beaches, I discovered Goa in reflections that makes the  scenery intriguing and adds to the charm to the colonial architecture blended with desi sensibilities in its coastal charisma.

So here are some pictures of Goa as seen in the reflections around me.  The quality of pictures is not very good, but the aim was never to capture clean sharp pictures but as Goa appears to worshipers of Bacchus after they have tasted a few glazes of the fuzzy Cashew Feni or the Portuguese wine for those with refined taste. As for me I am more of a tender coconut water kind of guy.

Irrespective of the fuzziness the charm and the greenery of Goa is intact even in reflections and make me wonder why   I am not on the next flight to Goa?

Anyways let us begin our little peekaboo of watching Goa in reflections.

Zica launch Tata Motors

The Coconut palms check their reflections in the Zica

As I was in Goa for the pre-launch of Zica by Tata Motors, the first picture above is of the Zica diesel as the surrounding coconut palms check their reflection in the shining new Zica.

If you have checked my earlier post about the fantastico bloggers I met in Goa, then you should be able to name this blogger in the rear view mirror of Zica. I was not actually trying to capture the same, but when I was working on the image I found the blogger hidden behind her hair in the mirror. Who do you think she is ?

Zica rear view mirror

The Blogger in reflections in Goa

Now let us move further on the Zica launch drive on the winding but well maintained roads of Goa, that pass through some green fields, separated by Old Churches and colonial buildings in the rustic parts of Goa. The below pictures were captured outside an old church as we were working on our strategy to complete some of the challenges thrown at us during the Zica drive.

woman outside Goa Church

OK, stop ogling at the girl look at the Old man with his Scooter for he and his scooter are central to this series of reflections .

Old man on scooter in Goa

The Old gentlemen is getting his scooter ready to drive

Question to the readers: Have you read my Ode To The Scooter

Old Man on scooter in Goa

He is now driving his scooter after his prayers at the Church. Note the colonial architecture of Goa in reflections

Old Man on Scooter Goa

A generation that raised the next driving them around on Scooters

All the action on the old gentleman coming out of the church after his Sunday prayers and starting his scooter etc. happened in quick succession as I watched the same unfolding in the window of the Zica.

From Scooter Stories let us move to the Alila Diwa Goa where the launch function of Zica happened. The first picture is of dome shaped cover of the buffet dishes. As I was chatting with the server asking him about the names of the dishes, I again saw the palms saying hi to me from the cover of the dome. The head of the server looked like an alien reflection in the dome, so I requested him to stand still as I clicked the picture of the palms reflection from the plate cover.

Coconut palms reflections Alila Diwa Goa

Goa in reflections

As we are in the Alila Diwa, let me share another picture that I clicked of the reflections in the small water body at the entrance of the Alila Diwa Goa.

Alila Diwa Goa

Reflections of Alila Diwa Goa

And finally let me repeat my favorite picture from the last post about the Kids I met in Goa. If you have already read the earlier post then thanks a lot for the same, if not then please go ahead and do read my little meeting with these wonderful kids.

Kids on Goa Beach

Memories of Goa in reflections

So these are some of my reflections of Goa, there is a lot more I hope to share about Goa in the coming day, but you never know I may post them from Goa 🙂

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