Apr 152012

Birds around  us give happiness without any expectations

As part of my project to photograph birds around  us our apartment complex  I have clicked photos of the bird that visit the complex. I spoke to the Customer Service team of the complex and we are collaborating to install some bird nests and bird feeders build by Nature Forever Society, whose founder Mohammad Dilawar was featured in Time Magazine some time back. The idea is to try to provide a habitat to these birds so that they keep on coming to the complex. I have been able to spot the common sparrow which has  become very uncommon due to loss of habitat. I have requested some of my more knowledgeable friends to ID the birds.
common sparrow pbel city
The Common Sparrow Which Is Now Very Uncommon
Most of the pictures are of not of great quality, but rather than wait for perfect pictures I want to put them on the net as a part of awareness campaign to involve other residents of the complex.
bird drinking water from puddle
Drinking Water From A Puddle
To see more pictures please go to this link here
PBEL team (the apartment complex where we live) has been very supportive of this project and are providing logistic and other support for installing the bird nests and feeders. Will keep you posted on the same once they arrive.

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  1. This is really interesting…

  2. Thanks CFP…it feels good to know that you want to give your ad on my blog 🙂

  3. Awesome…

  4. Thanks a lot Arti and Vetrimagal… each one of us can make a difference…thanks for your encouraging words.

  5. First of all wonderful work you are doing, kudos to you and your team for that!! Sparrows have become so uncommon these days, and what is sad is that people hardly care! Great initiative, I must applaud, wish you the best!!

  6. Thes econd photograph is beautiful!

  7. Beautiful pictures.

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