Apr 282012

As mentioned in the earlier post I was able to capture the hummingbird or more accurately the purple sunbird in the camera.The female purple sunbird was the first one I took some pictures and then the male followed her in the frame. One interesting thing I noticed was that whenever the male will go to the new flower the female will chase him away, and the poor male will simply go to another one, to be chased again from there. I guess the female of the species is more dangerous in this case also.

The photos are not of great quality as I am still learning the buttons on my camera and do not do any processing in digital dark room. But rather than wait for the perfect pictures let me put them here. Also more pics can be seen by clicking here

sunbird taking nectar from flowers

Female Sunbird enjoying nectar of flowers


sunbird having nectar from flowers in pbel city

The Male Sunbird with beautiful blue color


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  1. Hi, nice pic, which lens are you using?

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