Dec 172012
turtle rock durgam cheruvu hyderabad


The Beautiful Rocks of Hyderabad

Every city in the world has man made monuments as its heritage, but Hyderabad, the only city in the world where billions of year old Rocks have been given heritage status, due to tireless efforts by Society to Save rocks. Now when one hears a rock one may wonder what is so great about rock it is not a living thing so what is the fuss all about.Let me try to use my limited knowledge to build a case for saving the rocks of Hyderabad. First of all, a rock has been there before we came and it will be there unless we decide to remove it, but then it is a one-way destruction a rock cannot grow back.

The second reason is that the rock is not lifeless, a rock is shelter to hundred of plants and animal species and provides a nesting place for birds, reptiles, insects, and beautiful flowers look at you from the small crevices of the rocks. I have myself photographed various birds like Bulbul, Peacocks, Wagtails, Indian Robin, Cattle egret, Greater Coucal, Sunbirds, Beaters, Kingfishers, Black Winged kites etc. in the various rocks and lakes like Peerancheru around Hyderabad. Also spotted but still to be photographed by me are the Hare, mongoose, various lizards including the large monitor lizards etc at various places.

peacock near Durgam Cheruvu

A Peacock on Rocks

The rocks also have their own beauty and various rocks in Hyderabad are identified by their shapes like the toad rock and mother and baby rock near the Peerancheru lake, or this turtle rock that I clicked at Durgam Cheruvu on a trip with GHAC nature.

turtle rock durgam cheruvu hyderabad

A Turtle Shaped Rock at Durgam Cheruvu

Yesterday GHAC and Society To Save Rocks organized a competition come awareness event called Rockathon. I visited the same with my younger one to click some pictures. I reached the venue in the morning but due to viral could not get up. Finally, I could build up strength after some breakfast and reached the venue which was still buzzing with activity in a remote corner of Hyderabad Central University. As you can see a lot of enthusiastic participants climbed rocks both bare hands and with help of ropes using their skills learned in various workshops of GHAC for rappelling and scrambling.

Save rocks of hyderabad

A Volunteer From Society To Save Rocks

As you can see in one of the pictures concrete is slowly replacing the rocks and showing its face behind the rocks, leading to the destruction of habitat. While nobody is opposed to development our aim should be to do development without destroying the beauty of the rocks around us. Remember once gone they will never come back.

I would like to appreciate the work being done by GHAC Nature to create awareness about the natural flora and fauna found in and around Hyderabad ( it was so nice to see the GHAC volunteers picking up water bottles and plastic around the rock climbing site). Let us also give all the support to Society to Save rocks for opening our eyes to the beauty of our heritage rocks. If all of us join hands and say no to the destruction of rocks there is no reason why we will not be able to save Rocks of Hyderabad.


Rappelling with GHAC


Rock Climbing with Bare Hands with GHAC


A New Tower behind Rocks

Remember guys Hyderabad can not rock without Hyderabad ROCKS!


Acacia+Flowers growing in Rocks Durgam Cheruvu

Pink Acacia Growing in Rocks

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  1. Wonderful post! Hyderabad rocks!

  2. Good to know about these rocks and good to hear that they are heritage sites. And it’s great to learn that they are being cared for. Long live these rocks.

  3. That is such a wonderful initiative, steps like these can raise a lot of awareness and help preserve our natural flora and fauna for generations to come. Kudos to the organization for the drive and to you as well for spreading the word around.

  4. This is the season for climbing those rocks! A timely initiative by all you members of GHAC and Soceity to Save Rocks. Though I am not up to climbing, I love to gaze at them with wonder. Hope we can spread awareness among those citizens who reside nearer to those beautiful rocks, to keep vigil.

    Thanks Desi Traveler for those lovely pictures. Your posts bring me new information on this city!

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