Aug 112012
I have been travelling for some time both for business and for clicking pictures. All this while I have been so busy that did not have time to look out of balcony of our apartment. Is is not surprising that one travels to far off places to click pictures but totally ignores beauty around us?

 Today morning was a especially beautiful day and I decided to stand in balcony for some time with my camera. Hyderabad has been blessed with really good monsoon this year and the surroundings to our apartment has changed totally.
dargah near appa junction
The Sufi Shrine
yellow oleander flower
The Blooms In Garden
after effects of monsoon
The Hills Have Turned Green

oriental garden lizard in pbel city
A Baby Chamaeleon
The Peerancheru Lake was overflowing and all the brown hills surrounding us have turned into silky green carpet. I clicked some pics and then went to the garden downstairs. I clicked some flowers and one of the pics of the flowers can be seen here.

lake near PBEL city
The Peerancheru Lake Is Overflowing

 What a difference rains  can make not only to the surroundings, but also to our mood. I spontaneously started humming an old bollywood tune while happily clicking the little chameleon and the birds ( post and pics from earlier date) that were enjoying the sunshine. Check this earlier post and pics taken before monsoons here and you will realize how much life the rains  have brought back to PBEL City and its surroundings.

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  1. Tak for deling ..!


  2. Hyderabad at its best, just after the monsoon!

    Beautiful captures.

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