Jun 162012
Typical human tendency is to go to exotic locations and totally ignore things that are around us. If I have to quote a hindi saying then….. ” Ghar Kee Murgee Daal Barabar” . This has been the case with me I have been going to various bird watching tours in city and to various national parks and mostly ignoring the Peerancheru lake right next to our home in PBEL City. 
migratory birds in flight
A Flock of Geese Take Off On Spotting Me
nature around pbel city
Stork In Flight
Coucal is a kind of cuckoo
Greater Coucal

So some time back when I had some time to kill and the sun was going down I decided to walk to the Peerancheru lake and click some pictures.  As this time I ventured out of the complex and walked right upto the lake I was able to click more water birds compared to the smaller birds that live around the complex boundary. 

It was a successful trip with me being able to click some birds that I have been watching daily while driving to work along the serpentine road next to the lake. Though the lake has very less water now a days due to delayed monsoon I am sure once monsoon comes the lake will again fill again and we will have more birds to watch.

To check more pictures please click on this link here
Thanks for reading. This post is part of Skywatch Friday a collection of awesome Skywatch pictures.

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  1. HI Prasad… Do you stay in PBEL… I am in Titanium

  2. love to see the geese in flight.

  3. beautiful shots

  4. I couldn’t agree with your comment more. My husband and I say that often. Where we live there truly isn’t anywhere else I would want to visit. We have so much beauty right on our door step and short car drive away to wild pacific ocean. Love your photo of the birds! Happy weekend to you!

  5. exquisite images!

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