May 102014
Kumarakom Lake Resort: A Retreat for the Royals at Lake Vembanad

Kumarakom Lake Resort: The Magical World of Lake Vembanad This is only my second hotel review and a tough one to write. I mean how do you review a resort where the Royals from the House of Windsor spend their time? The first thing I noticed when I was checking in at the exotic patio cum reception of Kumarakom Lake Resort was a picture of smiling Prince Charles. Some time back the longest in waiting for throne, Prince of Wales along with his wife Duchess of Cornwall – Camilla, stayed to celebrate the 65th birthday of the Prince. I think finally [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Mar 192014
Watching Snake Boat Race in Kerala

Snake Boat Race at Ashtamudi Lake Backwaters Every where in Kerala we are greeted with big smiles and shown great hospitality. On our journey towards Kollam we stopped by at Welcome Group Hotel Raviz in the outskirts of Kollam. After a great welcome with trumpeting elephants and Kathakali dancers, we boarded their houseboat Fort Raviz where there team has spread a lavish buffet for us on the upper deck of the luxury houseboat. Our plan was to take a ride in the secluded backwaters of the magnificent Ashtamudi Lake. But it was our lucky day as the hotel has organized [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Nov 082013
Sunset in Tadoba

Sunset in Tadoba: Stuck  We have a saying in North India, “Aasmaan Se Tapka, Khajoor main Atka”, losely translated it mean: “Fell from sky, but got stuck in the date palm tree”. The gist is that though you have fallen you are still high enough. This is the exact feeling I had when I clicked this picture in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve or TATR. The sun almost appears to be stuck in branches, hence my remembering ” Aasmaan Se Tapka, Khazoor main Atka”, what do you say? More posts in Tadoba series: Telia Tiger Cubs Also linking the same to [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]

Oct 152012
7 Things Blogging Changed In My Life

These indiblogger guys keep on pushing me to get out of my slumber and write more frequently. This time the topic is how blogging has changed my life; I was like ok let me ponder this, as contest or no contest I have been thinking about it recently. I think blogging has changed my life in 7 major ways and let me list each one of them: 1.       Life is more than Deadlines: I think once I started blogging and reading blogs of others one question that has been hounding me is why my life revolves around the deadlines [Continue Reading By Clicking Here…]