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Celebrating World Tourism Day

First of all to hell with the traveler vs. tourism debate and let us celebrate World Tourism Day but as this is the time of twitter check out the #WorldTourismDay on net. As always I have nothing against any one of them and have always believed to each on his own and all kind of travelers keep on evolving and as per their own life. So having kept that aside let me give you my eternal favorite tourist spots where I have been in last few years.

  1.  Varanasi:  Varanasi bridges the gap not only between tourists and travelers but actually is the holy trinity of travelers, tourists and pilgrims. So no matter whether you are a traveler, tourist or a pilgrim, if you are in India – Varanasi should be your top priority to visit. When you are in Varanasi do not miss the  Dashswamedh Ghat Arti in evening.

    Dashswamedh Ghat Arti Varanasi

    Dashswamedh Ghat Arti is a mystical experience no matter you are a traveler, tourist or pilgrim

  2. Naggar In Himachal PradeshIf you just want to take your first step from being tourist to traveler and are looking for a soft landing, head straight to Naggar in Himachal Pradesh, very close to the Honeymoon capital of North India Manali ( Naggar to Manali distance is around 20 KM ),  yet so far from the maddening crowd.  Expect fragrant pine trees, German bakeries, apple orchards and the art gallery of the Russian master Nicholas Roerich, who painted Higher Himalayas when most of the world had not even heard about places like Kunzum.

    Naggar Himachal Pradesh

    Naggar is for those evolving as a tourist #WorldTourismDay 

  3. Satpura National Park:  Satpura in central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh is for serious wild lifers who have done enough of Tigers and now want to see other forms of wildlife. So be ready for some sloth bears, herds of Gaurs, countless birds, and some animals like Giant Malabar squirrel normally associated only with Western Ghats. The unique geography and topography of Satpura makes it one of its kind jungle in India with forests so magical that poet Pandit Bhavani Prasad Mishra penned his poem describing the half asleep Satpura ke Ghane jungle:       तपुड़ा के घने जंगल। नींद मे डूबे हुए से
    female sloth bear with cub Satpura national park

    Mama bear with Cub in Satpura National Park


  4.  Pondicherry Pondicherry or Puducherry is nothing like anything in India, a former french enclave surrounded by Tamil Heartland, Pondicherry has evolved into a hub of both spiritual and touristy things. Thanks to the Auroville ashram those seeking higher consciousness flock to Pondicherry, and thanks to it wonderful beaches, quaint hotels, excellent food and thriving art and culture seen lesser mortals like me also love to visit Pondicherry. So head to Pondicherry if you are looking for some different kind of India garnished with some French flavors. Recently Pondicherry has also emerged as a favorite wedding destination in India.

    Matrimandir in Pondicherry

    Matrimandir in Pondicherry

  5. Rajasthan:  Remember this post is about World Tourism Day ? So why would you want to give a miss to Rajasthan that rugged land with most exotic palaces of former Maharajas now catering to the modern Maharajas with deep pockets and smart phone to share their tryst with royalty live with their friends spread across the globe. For an offbeat yet very Royal Rajasthan experience may I suggest you spend some time in the Fairy Tale heritage hotel called Lakshman Sagar in Pali District ?

    Lakshman Sagar Heritage Hotel Rajasthan

    A starry night in Lakshman Sagar Rajasthan

  6. God’s Own Country  Unless you have spent last many years under a rock I am sure you are aware that Kerala has declared itself God’s Own Country, and you know what ? It could be true. For such a small piece of land the amount of diversity and harmony Kerala offers is hard to find anywhere else. From pristine beaches to mountains shrouded in mist from the most luxurious resorts where the British Royalty comes to celebrate to dainty home-stays and houseboats Kerala is the ultimate Tourist destination in India.  Here is my simple suggestion : Go for it. Check this video that was shot during Kerala Blog Express, my trip of a lifetime with 26 other travel bloggers from around the world   
  7. Petra By Night in Jordan : If you are like me and were raised on a steady dose of fairy tales, then Petra By Night in Jordan should be a must visit on your list as it transforms you to a different time and era when life was rugged but dreams were simple and smiles did not mean icons on phone.  But Jordan has a lot more to offer besides Petra, right in the heart of Amman you can witness more than 5000 years of Human History in the Castle atop a hill giving you a view of downtown Amman. Visit  Jordan if you want to witness history, if you want to visit an Oasis of peace and harmony in the chaotic middle east.
    Petra By Night Jordan

    Petra By Night

    Jordan safe travel

    Jordan has 5000 years of history and is an Oasis of Peace in Middle East

  8. Amazing Thailand : It would not be wrong in saying that Thailand is the favorite destination of Indian Tourists, and there are many reasons why Indians love to visit Amazing Thailand.  One of the biggest draw is Visa on Arrival for Indians in Thailand,  so this really helps for the last-minute holidays as well as those looking for a quick getaway. The wonderful islands like Koh Samui, Krabi with their famed nightlife  and cultural hotspots like Ayutthaya only help in attracting Indians Travelers , who otherwise are some of the most fussy travelers I know of.

    woman taking selfie with Buddha Head in Tree roots Thailan

    A Tourist clicks selfie with Buddha Head in Tree Roots Thailand #WorldTourismDay

  9. SingaporeFor the actual area Singapore occupies on globe, it is the perfect destination for Indian Tourists.  No matter what your reason to visit Singapore from shopping to adventure activities, to business meetings to great food or to click some pictures with celebrities at Madam Tussauds  you are never short of fun activities in Singapore.

    Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Night

    Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore #WorldTourismDay

  10. Explore your city : How about being a tourist in your own, city  so no matter where  you live, for a change go out and explore your own city. Every Indian city and town from  Hyderabad to Haldwani has something of interest and most of us ignore them totally. We have a saying in India about that: Ghar Kee Murgee Daal Barabar, which means if home cooked chicken tastes like Lentils. So check some of the happenings in your city from Art Exhibitions to photo-walks and go ahead participate in them. There is noting more touristy (and I do not mean touristy in a negative way ) than being tourist in your own city. Let us head out and celebrate #WorldTourismDay or like in good old days  let us celebrate World Tourism Day
    Fountains near India Gate Delhi

    Fountains near India Gate Delhi


Well dear readers these are my top 10 places to visit for the World Tourism Day, and I know this list is just a personal favorite based on the places I have visited, and you have no reason to agree with me, and that exactly is the purpose. We all have been to or wan to visit different places. So how about you share your own places to visit for the World Tourism Day ? The ones I like the most we will feature here on the desi Traveler blog as a list from readers of desi Traveler

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