Jun 232012

What can be better than a beautiful flower on a cactus plant? Well read on.
The Twins
Another View Of The Twins
While I was still enjoying the photo of the ethereal cactus flower, the plant was slowly using its reserves to work on two small buds. A couple of days ago the buds suddenly became very big in size and we had 2 extremely beautiful flowers blooming together. Thus we had a double bonanza with two flowers on the same day on the plant.
This year has been especially good for this one as it has bloomed three times in less than 15 days. Posting the picture below, do leave your comments.

The earlier blooms can be viewed here

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  1. Thanks Pon 🙂

  2. classic…

  3. Thanks Manasb… you can check more on the FB link in the previous post

  4. very beautiful flower ..

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