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Portrait of A Penguin by Shreeram MV – September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar


Wildlife photography is one of the toughest to master. Even if we ignore the cost of long lenses there are so many factors to consider e.g. you need to visit the habitat of the wild animals/birds. Some of the phenomena in wild happen only during a short window in the year e.g. the great Migration in Masai Mara, or migratory raptors in Tal Chapar, or nesting by Oliver Ridley Turtles in Orissa. So you may need to plan months or even years in advance to go on a trip and then pray that the flights are not delayed, the light is good, the animals show up and with all the planning and prayers, and waiting for hours and at times for days, the action may happen for fraction of a second and if you miss it the moment is gone forever. With all these things in mind just have a look at this portrait of a Penguin for the September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar that Shreeram MV has clicked somewhere in Antarctica the frozen continent.

Imagine you are in freezing cold in one of the remotest places on earth, the wind is piercing through your layers of clothes, your eyes are struggling to focus, partly due to your foggy glasses and partly due to all the snow around you reflecting the bright sunlight almost blinding you as well as your camera and then you see this happy little Penguin. You want to take the picture, but the background is not clean, there are other Penguins behind him, you wait then the little one turns around and you no longer can see his face, then a couple of other Penguins come in front while you patiently wait for a clean shot, but time is less as temps are dropping, some clouds are on the horizon, the wind is becoming chillier and you almost think that you will not get the shot and are wondering if you should call it a day or wait for 10 more minutes. While you are contemplating your moves, a mini-miracle of sorts happens, the Sun peeps through the clouds, the wind takes a break and the Penguin decides to turn around so that you can see his happy face. You start clicking and in less than 5 seconds the moment is gone as the Penguin is now again looking away from you.  You have clicked so frantically that the camera is taking its time to buffer the images. Those are some of the longest few seconds of your life ( actually every time a wildlife photographer waits for the camera buffer to complete those are some of the longest moments of his / her life ).   Finally, you are able to see the images on the camera screen, were those few seconds worthwhile traveling more than 11000 KMs?  Well, the results are here for all to see.

Portrait of a Penguin September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar Features, Portrait of a Penguin

****** Disclaimer: I have dramatised the events of that day using my imagination, it was not narrated by the photographer, but I am sure something similar may have happened based on my own limited wildlife photography experience & traveling with Shreeram on few occasions  *****

With that part true, part imagined account of a day in the life of a Wild Life photographer like Shreeram MV, dear reader let me give you the September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar clicked by Shreeram MV, CEO of Darter Photography somewhere in Antarctica.


September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

Portrait of a Penguin – September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar

You are welcome to download, print, and share the September 2021 Wallpaper Calendar on social media, but please do not use these images for any kind of commercial purpose as they are copyrighted to the photographer – Shreeram MV & any unauthorized use is a violation of both Indian and International copyright laws.

Do check his amazing work on his Instagram >  Shreeram MV  

Shreeram’s work has been published around the world in prestigious magazines, newspapers both in print and online media.

Shreeram leads wildlife photography trips around the world from the Arctic circle to Antarctica and from grasslands of Africa to grasslands in Rajasthan,  and of course to Spiti to photograph Snow Leopard for Darter Photography



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